Earlier this month, Ivanti had the chance to partner with e92plus at the Infosecurity Europe Conference at Olympia London. The three-day event was buzzing with IT professionals from beginning to end. There were many opportunities for networking, educating yourself on the industry, and learning from other experts in the industry.

The Ivanti and e92plus Booth

There were a lot of amazing booths at Infosec, but the Ivanti and e92plus booth was definitely a stand-out. Our goal was to help people hit the sweet spot of security by bringing together their patch management, privilege management, and whitelisting. We had skeeball on the stand, so people could practice hitting the sweet spot, while serving people’s sweet tooth with strawberries and cream, lollipops, and jelly beans. We also had live demos available on the stand so people could learn more about Ivanti’s security solutions.

The booth was a hit! People were lining up to enter our giveaway by competing at skeeball. We also had crowds of people coming to the booth for our demos and a chance at a fresh snack in the form of strawberries and cream.

Expert Sessions

On the second day of the event, Chris Goettl spoke at two sessions, a strategy talk and a technology showcase. The first was about modern cyber threats and prioritizing security controls to combat them. The session ran sort of like a silent disco, where everyone had headphones to listen to the presentation with.

Chris talked about phishing and how “to break into an enterprise network today, you can still follow the exact same process as you did in 1999.”

He also took a trip down memory lane (or should I saw malware lane) and looked back at ransomware attacks SamSam, Emotet, and TrickBot.

He also looked into the future and discussed BlueKeep. “BlueKeep has Wannacry potential. 35% of Windows workstations globally are affected by BlueKeep. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when,” Chris said.

The second presentation covered why vulnerability management fails. Chris discussed BlueKeep in depth. He talked about the BlueKeep timeline over 14 days and how crucial patching the BlueKeep vulnerability is.

Chris also had a chance to speak to Infosec representatives about the value of breaking silos and providing technologies that IT need so that they can do their job.  

e92plus Party

e92plus hosted a CyberSocial, which took place at Latymer’s Pub near the event. According to Field Marketing Manager Jeni McSkimming, “The place was full of partners and vendors all ready to enjoy the wonderful Thai buffet and free beer on offer. The numbers even sprawled out into the street. The evening was filled with fun, laughter, and a lot of wholesome conversation. Ivanti was pleased to be a part of it.”

Overall, Ivanti was excited to participate in such a wonderful industry event. We loved the chance to meet so many IT professionals and hear insights into what IT is dealing with in the field. We hope all those who visited the Ivanti booth had a “sweeter” experience at Infosec because of us! If you didn’t have a chance to visit us, check out our exclusive 60 day free trial for Ivanti Security Controls here.