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Reduce your Exploitable Vulnerability Exposure and Gain ACSC E8 Compliance

2 May 2024

As cybersecurity threats rise, cyber teams face an ever-increasing workload. The answer to more effective threat protection is to prioritise remediation based on threat risk. 

In the most recent ACSC Essential 8 Maturity Model update each maturity level for patching operating systems and applications became stricter once again. 

Join this practical demonstration webinar to learn how to assess what is and isn't needed to meet the ACSC Essential 8 requirement for 48-hour patch deployment. Understand how to move from detection of vulnerabilities and weaknesses to remediation in minutes — rather than months — with a contextualised, risk-based view of your cybersecurity posture.  

See how Ivanti can make it simple to: 

  • Gain visibility of threats 

  • Create a list of critical and exploited vulnerabilities 

  • Deploy patches with a few simple clicks 

Shane Wescott
Security/UWM Technical Evangelist