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Better Together: The Power of MDM and MTD Combined

10 April 2024

Phishing is by far the most-reported cybercrime and is expected to become an even greater threat with the rise of generative AI and social-engineering attacks. However, a recent Ivanti survey found only 42% of organisations have mobile threat defence (MTD) technology in place. 

Unified endpoint management (UEM) and modern device management (MDM) solutions are very effective at managing devices. However, proactively defending and protecting mobile devices with real-time zero-day threat protection is essential in today's mixed BYOD and corporate-owned environments. 

In this webinar, Ivanti and partner Zimperium will demonstrate the value of combining MDM and MTD capabilities.  

You’ll see how to proactively: 

  • Implement a zero-trust endpoint security approach that extends beyond basic patch management. 

  • Detect multiple threat vectors – device, application and phishing attacks. 

  • Ensure 100% adoption of MTD as part of the MDM solution stack. 

  • Form the foundation of a defence-in-depth cybersecurity strategy. 

Plus, learn about a 30-day Mobile Threats Risk Assessment to find out just how many attacks are targeting your data on mobile endpoints (and can be autonomously stopped) in a month. 

Ashley Armitt
Senior UEM & Security Sales Engineer
Jason Salway
Sales Engineer