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ACSC Essential 8 Updates — What you need to know

27 February 2024

Late last year, the Australian Signals Directorate updated the Essential 8 Maturity Model. So what do the changes mean for your organisation? 

In this webinar, Shane Wescott and Abdul Azize, who bring over 40 years combined of cybersecurity expertise, will provide a guide to the key changes. They’ll help you understand the impact on your Maturity Level compliance and offer handy hints on how to meet these new Maturity Level requirements. 

Register to delve into the changes by Maturity Level to: 

  • Patching timeframes. 

  • New minimum standards for MFA. 

  • Admin privileges restrictions.   

  • Application control. 

  • And more! 

Plus, as always, there's time for Q&A so you can get your questions answered. 

Shane Wescott
Security/UWM Technical Evangelist
Abdul Azize
Senior Sales Engineer Federal