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Practical Ways to Improve Digital Employee Experience and Hold on to Staff

18 May 2023

Keeping employees happy and engaged is key to success in this new working world. To do this, technology needs to work well wherever employees are and help them with what they're doing.

Do you know what your employees are experiencing? Is it good, bad or worse? 

Having real time visibility of the services being delivered and the impact on employee’s digital experience is key to better productivity, retention and attracting top talent. A better experience can also reduce costs and improve cybersecurity.

In this session, Ross Carins, Senior Sales Engineer at Ivanti, and Penelope Feros, VP EXM Sales APAC, show how Ivanti can help: 

  • Aggregate and monitor usage, performance and security data from all the devices and applications your employees use. 
  • Go beyond post-ticket surveys and use automation bots to understand your employees’ experience with the technology they use to get their job done. 
  • Surface potential IT and security issues and make recommendations on actions to remediate and improve the digital experience for your employees. 
  • Automate manual tasks easily with self-healing bots to remediate issues and fulfill requests.

This webinar is the third in the Webinar Series: Enterprise Service Management and Digital Employee Experience

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Ross Carins
Senior Sales Engineer
Penelope Feros