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Improving the Daily Life of an IT admin – 3 Common Scenarios Solved

14 May 2020

Ask a user what their number one gripe is when IT are looking at an issue, “they take over my machine and I can’t do anything!”.

When a support call comes in the first thing IT admins often want to do is connect to the user’s machine to investigate the issue, and when it's remote that can be a challenge. For the majority of admins the best option is to establish a remote control session and totally stop the user working.

By joining us on this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Quickly and simply answer that age-old question – “Why is my PC running slow?”
  • Proactively receive alerts and respond to slow logins – “It just took me 5 minutes to login!!”
  • Automate some pesky IT jobs without interrupting users with Ivanti Cloud Assistants – “It just fixed itself!“

We'll also share how you can have these solutions installed as a Proof of Concept in your environment FOR FREE

Shane Wescott
Security/UWM Technical Evangelist