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Use Case

Provide Applications to Users

It's time you automated your software deployment

It's not a stretch to claim that many IT departments still instal new applications, upgrades, and patches by hand or rely on users to do it themselves. Such a process devours time and is prone to human error. Some machines can get overlooked or not have all of the latest patches. And if you have several technicians installing apps, it can mean having different set ups, which creates a ripple effect. When supporting those machines later on, you may spend excess time troubleshooting because you can't count on the settings being the same. See how we do it.

Bundle multiple applications and deploy them anywhere

How can any organisation of any size get by these days without an automated management tool? With solutions from Ivanti you can now accelerate how you roll out software and make it available to users.

Automate software rollout projects
Employ faster methods to test and deploy. Eliminate the headaches of staging and delivering software rollout projects.
Distribute to multiple platforms in minutes
Deploy to thousands of machines running different operating systems, anytime, without consuming expensive corporate bandwidth.
Offer users app-store convenience
Update how you deliver applications by providing a more modern, self-service experience.
Gain control of software security
Take control of applications from the moment they're installed by controlling the rights and privileges users are granted.
Track licenses and reclaim what isn't used
Know the software usage and pull back any unused software to reallocate. Achieve fast ROI on your software investments.
Features and capabilities

Rely on proven capabilities

What makes application management technologies from Ivanti truly stand out is how they help you modernise IT to fit the needs of your users. 

Stage your rollout projects

New operating systems and security processes require faster methods to pilot and deploy software. Ivanti software-deployment tools eliminate the headaches of staging and delivering software rollout projects to increasingly larger groups of people, and help streamline your interaction with change-control processes.

Track deployment progress

Witness the progress through each project stage with a built-in Gantt chart and provide automated progress updates to stakeholders for each project. It’s perfect for maintaining software updates and patching processes for next-generation operating systems like Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

End-user workspace

Deliver applications to groups of users through an end-user workspace or a corporate service catalog. It helps reduce service desk incidents, empowers users to initiate approved installations, and enables faster troubleshooting via detailed histories.

Patented distribution technologies

Patented enterprise-distribution technologies disperse large packages with minimal bandwidth and without dedicated hardware or router reconfigurations. For example, distribute a package to 10,000 users in 10 to 20 minutes by accessing packages already delivered to each subnet. Customizable configurations simplify bandwidth controls.

Target users and multiple platforms

Bundle applications, including prerequisite packages and multiple packages, in a single operation. Determine the order in which each application is deployed. Deploy packages anywhere by targeting users and distributing the software intelligently to the appropriate users’ devices in minutes. Deliver packages to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux platforms.

Software license management and reclamation

Do yourself a favor and track the software from the moment you install it. If you need to replenish your pool of licenses, set the software asset feature to reclaim any software that hasn’t been used within an IT-determined time frame. You can also exclude users you don’t want to pull from.

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