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Use Case

Manage and Secure Mobile Devices Anywhere Business Happens

MDM that meets the needs of Operations and Corporate IT

Finally! Break down device management silos in your organisation with the Android Enterprise Recommended solution that delivers for corporate’s BYOD and Personally Enabled models, while gaining the device-specific control you need to manage your operational tech stack.

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Android Enterprise Recommended

Not all MDM products are built the same. Put your trust in a partner who has over 30 years of rugged device management experience while aligning with Android Enterprise requirements for device performance and user experience.

worker scanning boxes

Manage and Deploy Updates Faster

Need to update the picking application in the warehouse? Don’t risk disrupting your workers while deploying. Automate the build and deployment processes so you can target and schedule updates where and when you need.

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Control Device-Specific Features

Enable barcode symbologies, disable device cameras, configure wi-fi or app settings. We know you use many device types. We help you leverage their specialised capabilities so you get the most out of your equipment (and your workers!).

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Reduce Cyber Risk

The bad guys are always looking for weak points to gain access to your systems. Protect your operational tech stack by ensuring mobile deployments have the latest updates and patches. Then reinforce cyberprotection with Mobile Threat Defence to help prevent zero-day attacks with advanced threat intelligence.

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Features and capabilities

MDM Optimised for Your Line of Business Devices

Whether scanners in the warehouse or tablets on the retail floor, we help you maintain control of your most critical mobile deployments.

Powerful Control of Device Features
Device-specific enablers give you deep control of your mobile fleet from scanner and camera controls to wi-fi, apps and remote troubleshooting.
Manage Segmented Workgroups Easily
Need to update the picking application your warehouse workers use? Select the necessary workers and deliver the updates they need to be more productive. It takes seconds.
Corporate Management Models

Your preferred device management options are covered, with support for Corporate Owned, Single Use (COSU), and Kiosk-mode deployment models for the varied use cases across supply chain operations.

OS and Firmware

Protect against threats with OS patches, and update device-specific firmware to keep your supply chain operations at peak performance.

Simplified Enrollment

Enroll devices via QR code, NFC, even zero-touch. Get the simple setup you expect from an Android Enterprise Recommended solution.

Remote Control

Empower your support staff to take control of a device (whether attended or unattended), analyze performance, and quickly return the user to full productivity.

Enable Workers to Deliver Better

From updating devices around the world in minutes, to targeted updates for specific business units, using Ivanti Neurons for MDM helps keep your workers connected, effective, therefore at peak productivity. Learn more about how this Android Enterprise Recommended solution works in supply chain operations.

worker scanning boxes

Put our three decades of MDM expertise to work

Manage and secure your mission-critical mobile deployments.