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Control Budget and Speed Value of Agency Initiatives

Ivanti Derived Credentials: A Zero Sign-On Solution for Smart Card-Enabled Organizations

Learn how Ivanti leverages derived credentials to enable organizations to extend their existing security investments in smart cards to their mobile infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month – It's Not Just for October: Reminders that Deserve Year-Round Attention!

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Learn how you can protect your network and devices from ransomware.

Simplify CDM & FISMA Reporting Requirements

As you rethink your mobile security approach, make sure you stay compliant.

Mandate Mania

Pursue Compliance with Confidence

Mandates are put in place for good reason. Protecting tracked personally identifiable information (PII), meeting configuration baselines, and preventing cybersecurity threats are all unquestionably important. But compliance adds pressure on both budget and staff resources.

Ivanti helps your agency meet these mandates, whether originating from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in the USA, your federal government’s equivalent office, state/provincial, or local government entities.

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Know what you have, where and that it’s secure

Whether complying with FITARA, or international equivalents, visibility to the hardware and software estate is key to ensuring spend is going to the correct and necessary projects.

Improve Visibility
Avoid wasteful spend, gain insights to asset use, and align toward compliance with the MEGABYTE Act.
Protect Vital Systems
Get the visibility to make sure all the hardware and software in your estate is secure.
Comprehensive Reporting
Different applications have in-built reporting interfaces. Manual consolidation takes time and introduces errors.
Modern Service Management
Get beyond the balancing act between new mandates and legacy systems that’s draining resources.
Centralized Control
Get a faster time-to-value by eliminating system incompatibilities that suggest government inefficiency.
Stop the Evildoers
Keep cyber criminals from stealing citizen data and other sensitive information governments manage.

Compliance and Fiscal Responsibility

Yes, you can meet both objectives. Ivanti gives agencies the visibility and control they need to secure and protect citizens and data, while delivering a fast time-to-value on IT investments.

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM
Modernize agency-wide service management with our FedRAMP Authorized cloud platform or on-premise solution.
Ivanti Neurons for ITAM
Know what you have, where it is, and confirm it’s secure.
Endpoint Manager
Streamline IT processes to devices everywhere through a consolidated platform and automation.
Security Controls
Protect data from the data center to devices, across operating systems and 3rd-party apps.

How we can help

Centralise, simplify, keep users happy, and bring all your data together. That’s Ivanti.

FedRAMP Authorized Platform
FedRAMP Authorized Platform

Cloud deployment to reduce ongoing administration requirements for ITSM/ITAM tools while speeding time for new functionality.

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Unified Management Experience
Unified Management Experience

Establish intelligent, integrated control over your user’s multi-platform desktops and mobile devices keeping them updated and secure. 

Know What You Have
Know What You Have

Asset lifecycle management capabilities to manage and optimize assets for security, performance, and cost.

Simplified Patching
Simplified Patching

Speed the time to remediate vulnerabilities, so IT can accomplish additional projects with existing staff.