Ivanti Service Manager in a Restaurant

After a long day of Saturday activities with the kids, I did not look forward to cooking, so decided to stop by one of the many restaurants in my neighbourhood. The restaurant also happened to be one of many Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) customers

As we sat waiting for our meals, I decided that this is an opportune time for my children to understand how the restaurant uses ISM to support their business. Firstly, I pointed out some of the equipment around the store; desktops, monitors, cash terminals, tablets and even the kitchen equipment. I explained that these are all stored as assets in the system as a way of keeping track of them and when something goes wrong there is a mechanism to report them. 

As it happens, while paying, the staff member was having an issue processing the transaction and after several unsuccessful attempts, she used another terminal to complete the payment.  Excitedly I told my children that this is when ISM kicks in.  The employee will now contact their service desk for assistance.  The service desk analyst would then try to resolve the issue (which I am 100% sure includes a restart), but if it isn't resolved, they would have a field technician come out to either repair or replace the faulty asset. It doesn’t matter if it's an IT equipment, kitchen appliance or even a broken chair. All issues or requests are logged in ISM and channeled to the appropriate team to resolve or fulfill.  I am not sure the kids had the same enthusiasm as me with  the real life scenario but they do now understand a bit more about what I do.

Truly Enterprise Service Management

Ivanti customers have been using the ISM platform to support both IT and non-IT service desks long before it was referred to as Enterprise Service Management.

It always intrigues me how creative our customers can be with the platform. I have seen it used to support:

  • human resource cases and requests
  • facilities related requests
  • consumers, for product issues
  • the general public, to report road work related issues and enquiries
  • students, to manage requests and enquiries
  • medical equipment, for servicing and maintenance

By far, the most common are the first two, human resource and facilities. While many customers have implemented this with the assistance of Ivanti consultants or partners, many have taken advantage of the flexibility and ease of configurability of the platform, adding these capabilities themselves. One particular customer, Ashton Mossop of Queensland University of Technology, even documented the complete Human Resource configuration and shared it with other Ivanti customers. The University of Southern Queensland recently shared how ISM is deployed for procurement, legal services, campus security and many other shared services.

New Human Resource and Facilities Packages from Ivanti

For those of you that have human resource and facilities management on your radar, there is some great news. Ivanti's product management and development teams have been working with customers that have gone through the journey to create a human resource and facilities management package that can be utilised by other ISM customers.

The human resource (HR) package includes the following functionality:

  • HR specific roles and dashboards
  • HR case management with complete isolation from IT Incidents
  • New HR request offerings with pre-defined workflows
  • Employee timesheet management
  • Service level management of HR cases
  • HR knowledge
  • HR reports
  • HR announcements

The facilities management package provides the following capabilities:

  • Facilities specific roles and dashboards
  • New facilities management related request offerings
  • Work order management for custodial, operational, maintenance job
  • Service level tracking of work orders
  • Facilities buildings, floors, cubicles
  • Preventative maintenance schedules can be added and linked to work orders
  • Facilities calendar to display upcoming scheduled maintenance events
  • Facilities assets for managing the non-device assets, such as office furniture, building equipment, even elevators or escalators
  • Facilities knowledge base
  • Facilities management reports
  • Facilities announcements

Available on the Marketplace

If you are an Ivanti Service Manager customer, both these packages are now available for download from the Ivanti Marketplace. The response of the customers I have showcased these modules to has been unanimously positive. Those packages are all freely available to all Service Manager customers to apply, modify and use, without any additional module license cost.

Let Us Know

If you are looking to consolidate your service management practices in your organisation, please reach out to us. It doesn't just have to be human resource or facilities management. We have seen ISM used in so many ways, we can help to connect you with customers that have gone down the same path.