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7 Deadly Sins of ITIL Implementations

Learn how to move at digital speed—while upholding ITIL principles

In today's fast-paced digital environment, the role and value of ITIL have been hotly debated. Some claim the framework is too rigid to accommodate rapidly-shifting organizational priorities, emerging business needs, and the demands of a digital workforce. But, at the same time, ITIL holds many timeless truths.

So where’s the line?

While there’s no doubt about the fundamental value of ITIL, problems can—and do—arise when it is seen as "dogma" and its guidance applied too literally. If you’re following ITIL practices, check out this eBook to ensure these principles aren’t holding you back. Content includes:

  • Seven common mistakes IT teams make when implementing or applying ITIL
  • The unintended consequences of these mistakes, from compromised speed to slow responsiveness and lagging value delivery
  • How to combine ITIL with other modern principles to improve business outcomes and service quality
  • Practical strategies for adapting ITIL to meet the needs of your digital enterprise

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