Ivanti Launches Session Persistence Server for Android Devices

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — 30. Juni 2017 —

Ivanti today launched Session Persistence Server, a server that ensures telnet task workflows are protected against data loss from network connectivity issues. This free add-on, previously named ConnectPro, is now available for any Android deployment. As more organizations in supply chain move to the latest devices for their terminal emulation, Session Persistence Server offers secure, persistent connections for Ivanti’s Velocity applications.

VDC Research reported a significant increase in Android devices purchased in 2016 from the year prior, bringing the Android market share up to 37 percent of rugged mobile computers. Session Persistence Server allows organizations to avoid dropped connections and automatically reconnect their Android apps and legacy systems by acting as an intermediary connection server between the client device and the host application server.

“Whether in the factory, warehouse or retail store, downtime due to a weak network can dramatically affect an organization’s bottom line,” said Steve Bemis, vice president of worldwide sales at Ivanti. “Session Persistence Server eliminates the fear that connection will suddenly be lost in the corner of the distribution center or on the fringe of the retail floor, and with it, essential data. We created this server to provide our customers the peace of mind that their work will be safe everywhere in their environment.” Although typically not required, Session Persistence Server is an optional, free add-on for telnet implementations where network performance is questionable.

Ivanti’s Session Persistence Server has been keeping terminal emulation users connected and productive for three decades, on more than 10 million devices and across multiple operating systems. Now offering trusted connectivity for organizations migrating to Android, this solution eliminates lost data caused by dropped connections or if the device goes into “sleep” mode by maintaining the session. This way, workers don’t have to repeat tasks to compensate for lost data.

Session Persistence Server features unique capabilities, including:

Mobility for the real world. On any supply chain floor, workers travel out of network range, devices require rebooting and batteries need to be swapped. Session Persistence Server allows organizations to seamlessly reconnect to the host and existing sessions after such interruptions, resuming from the last application state.

Failover protection. Session Persistence Server eliminates single point of failure risk by letting organizations set up multiple connections, giving redundancy to enterprise apps and subsequent peace of mind.

Secure connectivity. Enterprise-grade security is built into Session Persistence Server using SSL/TLS encryption from the client and SSH to the host. Administrators can also create custom security parameters to fit their unique business requirements.

Powerful administrator features. Session Persistence Server provides a comprehensive view into device connections, connection duration, last activity time, numerous network connection details and more. Administrators can also capture and log telnet traffic, connection aborts and timeouts, retries and the total number of bytes sent and received by a single proxy service.

Organizations can add Ivanti’s Session Persistence Server to their telnet deployments today by visiting our Downloads page

To learn more, please visit https://www.ivanti.com/.

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