How to  best to navigate a minefield that can automatically generate new mines anywhere, anytime, and without warning? The same way you successfully understand and manage your IT environment—with clear, timely, actionable information.

In a recent Enterprise Times interview, Ivanti CEO Steve Daly was asked, “What’s on the radar in terms of future tech . . . in terms of the technology that you bring to the market??”

Here’s part of what Steve said in response: “For the endpoint, one of the challenges is there is so much information available and it’s so dynamic. So the reality is that the configuration, what you’re running on your laptop or your mobile device changes every day.

"From my perspective, one of the things that we have to do better as an industry and what [Ivanti] will lead out in, is that we have to start making sense of that information and that data for our IT customers.

"We have to solve that problem in a way that IT can consume versus a huge science project that brings it together. I think that’s the big frontier for us next,” Steve added.

He’s right, of course—and I’m not just saying that because he’s my boss’ boss’ boss. In fact, the challenge of collecting, rationalizing, and reporting on complex IT data is one we’ve been working on for some time. It’s why Ivanti predecessor LANDESK partnered with, then acquired Xtraction Solutions in 2015. And it helped to seal the deal when LANDESK acquired AppSense in 2016.


Xtraction is self-service, real-time reporting software that combines connectors to almost any IT management tool with powerful, flexible, easy-to-use report and dashboard creation features. It supports multiple pre-built connectors, and supports creation of custom connectors as well. It consolidates data from multiple sources and turns that data into information you, your team, and even your executives can understand and act upon. No coding, abstruse expertise, or spreadsheets required.

With Xtraction, administrators can see and manipulate information from across your environment in real time. The solution maximizes visibility into your environment, while minimizing the complexity of the resulting information. And it helps make the value you and your team delivers to your enterprise clear to everyone, including those who populate your CxO suite.


Ivanti Insight combines a virtual appliance, a lightweight, powerful agent, and a web-based console, to provide deep, yet easily-assimilated and actionable-about-your-network endpoints. It helps you and your team to detect, pinpoint, and quantify issues, identify their causes, and measure the effects of changes to your environment.

Does it help? Well, David Wyld, Senior Desktop Infrastructure Engineer at Melbourne, Australia’s Deakin University, thinks so. “With Insight, we had hard data about problems we knew about—and problems we had no idea existed.”

Improve your IT information insights with Ivanti

See the current set of data connectors available for Xtraction, and how customers are putting it to work in their environments. (Andy Byrd, Vice President, IT Support Services at Harris Health Systems in Texas, called it “the best application for the money that I have ever purchased.”)  Read how Insight reduced logon times by 90 percent for the 53,000 students and 4,200 staff at Deakin University. Learn more about Xtraction and Insight online. Then request a free trial of Xtraction or a demo of Insight, online or from your Ivanti representative.

Let Ivanti help your enterprise to get more performance, reliability, and value from its IT investments, by making more and better sense faster of the data those investments generate.