Last week we spoke at an IT Pro webinar entitled Windows 10 Migration Tips, Tricks, and Strategies—Learn From our Customers’ Experience. Our speakers were two members of Ivanti’s Technical Consulting Services team, Randy Barger and Chris Burbank, each with more than a dozen Windows 10 migration engagements under their belts.

We conducted the webinar as a conversation, with minimal slides, so we could spend more time picking our experts’ brains. Randy and Chris had many insights and advice based on their experience, including:

  • How Microsoft’s twice-a-year release cadence is changing IT team’s approach to managing Windows updates
  • Why setting users’ expectations is critical to Windows 10 migration success, and how to do it effectively
  • The biggest “gotcha’s” when conducting a Windows 10 migration, and how to deal with them

To listen to the webinar recording, click here.