Password 1.0 was your cat’s name and your birth year and you used it across every endpoint for a decade. We see you, Sprinkles1979.

Password 2.0 was SSO and MFA and WTF because literally everyone used Facebook for authentication. We all saw how well that went.

It’s time for Password 3.0

We’ve always operated at the leading edge of innovation, and this is no exception. While the industry gets bogged down in sending texts to confirm authorization, we’re moving forward.

To be precise, we’re moving back to move forward.

Passwords are back.

And we’re going to give you what you’ve always wanted:

When you forget your password, we’ll tell you which letter it started with, whether or not it’s capitalized, and whether this is the version that requires a special character.

We know you have different versions for different websites and it’s SO frustrating when you can’t remember which one you used, and then you have to start all over again.

We call it the Authentication Framework, or AF for short.

So instead of “Your password is incorrect,” you’ll see exactly what you need to do to get it right without locking yourself out.

Because when we’re locked out, we can’t do what we do best.

The new Authentication Framework launches today. Join us on social to tell us you’re ready to LOVE passwords with hashtag #PasswordsForever.





….or maybe you could use the hashtag #AF. Not for Authentication Framework, but for April Fool’s.


We’re sweating just TYPING the previous paragraphs. Can you imagine the chaos and hacking?!

It wouldn’t even be hacking. It would be gifting. You would be gifting your valuable information to anyone who was even mildly curious.

Plus, you’d still have to deal with remembering, protecting and resetting passwords and jumping through complex authentication hoops.

Of course, Facebook SSO – and a lot of SSO and MFA solutions – leave a lot to be desired. We’re not settling. At Ivanti, we are delivering a truly passwordless future to ensure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time (and no one else does).

Our zero trust framework elevates passwordless authentication with zero sign-on and FIDO2 for more secure access with fewer hoops. This framework automatically validates every user, device, app, network and threats before greenlighting access — all without requiring a password.

The goal: #killthepassword.

Learn more about the passwordless future now.

Sorry, Sprinkles. We’ll find another way to remember you.