Do you know how many desktops, laptops, smartphones your organization has? What about software licenses? Are you confident that when Microsoft or Adobe come knocking with a software audit, you’ll be able to prove your compliance? Better yet, are all those assets helping you make money, or causing you to lose it?

These questions (and possibly a few more) are in the back of the minds of IT professionals and executives at organizations of all sizes. Believe it or not, some major companies out there struggle to answer the easiest questions about their IT asset picture. Many organizations track hardware and software using basic spreadsheets, a method that is ultimately a step in the right direction, but can ultimately lead to demise for medium to large size organizations.

At Ivanti, we’ve created numerous solutions to help you in your journey to optimize your hardware and software, but we’re not going to talk products in this blog. Instead, we want to help you understand exactly where you stand when it comes to managing your assets.

Our IT asset management expert (and former Gartner analyst) Patricia Adams lives and breathes this stuff. Patricia created  the Ivanti IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management Attainment Model to provide larger organizations with a roadmap to chart the next actionable steps in your ITAM program.

At this point, you’re probably saying to yourself, “But we already have a ITAM/SAM program.” Cool. High five. But if all you’re doing with your IT Asset Management strategy is responding to software audits, then you truly haven’t evolved. Fighting fires such software audits is like walking on all fours, whereas utilizing ITAM data to help influence business decisions and solve problems across your entire organization is the equivalent of running on two feet.

At Ivanti, we want you to be a champion ITAM sprinter. It’s one of the core reasons Patricia created our ITAM/SAM model – to help IT teams evolve and advance up the stages of the model. We want companies to be able to use this guide to set goals and understand what to do in order to achieve them. Simply put, our driving force is your success.

Before you download our guide, we want to provide you with a few pieces of advice to help you along your journey. First, this is a map, and like any good map, you might be able to find a few shortcuts that apply to your organization. Second, some of what you read might not apply to your situation. We understand no two businesses are the same – therefore staffing issues or other more pressing problems might detract from the amount of attention you’ll be able to dedicate to your ITAM strategy. Third, use this guide as a conversation starter. Bring all the major players to the table and share what you’ve learned. From senior management, to human resources – there are many stakeholders in a proper ITAM strategy.

Alright, no more delays. Click below to download the Ivanti IT Asset Management / Software Asset Management Attainment Model.

Plot your roadmap to itam success