We are proud to announce the release of version 22.1.3 of Neurons for Secure Access. New for this version, we have added the following features.

Configuration authoring

Centrally create and store common configurations for your Ivanti Connect Secure gateways. Configurations stored in nSA allow you to easily “lift and shift” common configurations from one gateway to another.

Multi-node configuration templates

Create and manage configuration templates for common shared features, assign configuration templates to multiple gateways simultaneously and reconcile configurations between nSA and assigned gateways.

Gateway lifecycle management improvements

Track gateway upgrades easily with new four-stage upgrade progress tracking, and deploy upgrades to multiple nodes and/or clusters simultaneously through the new version management page.

Neurons for Secure Access 22.1.3 New Features

Neurons for Secure Access 22.1.3 FAQs

Where can I find the release notes and nSA documentation? 

All Neurons for Secure Access documentation can be found in nSA after signing in by clicking on Help > Go to nSA Documentation.

Does the deployment of configuration templates to gateways initiate service restarts? 

None of the current common feature configurations cause service restarts when applied to gateways.  

Is it possible to override applied configuration templates? 

Deployed templates on gateways can be edited locally by admin users. The reconciliation button from the configuration template page will revert the configuration to the template stored in nSA.

Is it possible to apply multiple configuration templates to a single gateway? 

No, gateways can only have one configuration template applied at one time. To apply a different gateway configuration, you will first need to de-select it from the old template, then add the gateway to the new template.

NOTE: Configurations created on gateways by nSA are not deleted when the gateway is removed from the configuration template. This is by design, as nSA will not delete configurations and can only reconcile active configuration templates.

What are the minimum gateway versions required for the gateway to be eligible for multi-node/cluster upgrade? 

  • ISA/ISA-V Series – 21.12R1-145 and higher 
  • PSA/PSA-V Series – 9.1R13.1-16857 and higher 

NOTE: Gateways below the required minimum versions can still be upgraded individually from the gateway overview page.