We see it in sports all the time, and it’s proving true in the supply chain also: Top talent wants to go where they have the best chance to win.  With many companies offering incentives for workers who exceed targets, it’s easy to see why.  As workers pursue new opportunities, the tools available at a potential future employer are factoring into their decisions.  Supply Chain Dive recently covered how warehouse firms are getting creative to attract talent.

We recently heard similar comments in our webinar with Dorman Products and our partner Procensis.  Through that conversation, incentives for achieving certain levels of accuracy and efficiency were discussed.  It brought up some interesting considerations. Specifically, workers need to be able to trust the systems they’re using to accurately report their performance. If they don’t believe the system is accurate, the incentive is meaningless.  Sports analogy: if the scoreboard isn’t showing the right score, clock, etc. how do you know if you’re winning?

The investment in technology can offer an advantage for attracting talent. Monty Burrell, Dorman Products’ Director of Operations explained it perfectly: “We’re trying to get the best talent, and the best talent is going to migrate to systems and technology of this nature.” Dorman uses Ivanti Velocity, Speakeasy and Avalanche (all powered by Wavelink).

Ed Kennedy, President at Procensis, noted this while delivering Dorman’s deployment: “There is no doubt that attracting and keeping talent was a critical driver in our solution for Dorman Products.  It needed to enable associates to achieve previously unattainable levels of throughput and accuracy.  If a worker can look across the industrial park and see another firm with the tools to help them earn more money, why not move?”

The competition for warehouse workers is fierce. As a business leader, no one is trying to run a middle of the pack supply chain firm.  You’re building up to win. Be sure you have the tech that all-star talent will succeed with.

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