I am a challenger. It’s in my DNA somewhere I am sure. To find limits. Evaluate them. Develop an attack angle. Push beyond. Repeat. This is largely due to my hobby of cycling, which I had no idea would further develop my challenger habits when I took it up a handful of years ago.

In cycling, it’s easy to find targets for goals. Sprint to the next intersection. Ride up a climb. Complete a 100-mile century. For me, it came in the form of a particular one-day cycling race covering 205 miles. Every year. Spreadsheets have been made, caloric intake evaluated, and watts determined all in a singular effort.

Ivanti is a Challenger

Ivanti’s Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution is another such effort. Its heritage is built on a foundation of years of experience integrated with capabilities across our portfolio to deliver the most comprehensive endpoint management solutions in the market.

As with all participants in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, we have things in need of more developing in the form of cautions. We take these seriously. We are already developing our attack angle against them to push beyond in the upcoming year. You can see this happening today in how we are further integrating capabilities into our UEM solution, building more robust Modern Device Management capabilities, and launching the new Ivanti Neurons platform.

Ivanti is a challenger in the UEM Magic Quadrant. We are the challenger finding the limits of UEM. Evaluating them and attacking them head-on. We execute at the highest levels to deliver the solutions IT teams need now and for the future—especially during this uncertain pandemic year.

I said this before, challengers are the new future leaders. Those enterprises that leverage Ivanti solutions today are aligning their IT organizations with tomorrow’s future of IT.

Limits Are Next Year’s Accomplishments

Nobody ever beat their best the first time out. I sure didn’t in my inaugural try at 205 miles. In fact, I didn’t even cross the finish line and a limit was found—nutrition. Next year, I crossed the finish line, but didn’t finish in the allotted time and a new limit was found—speed. The third year, a milestone. Crossed the finish line with an official time and a new limit was found—power. I’ve challenged this race and my previous efforts every year I’ve rolled up to the start line. It’s a process that motivates me through the year until the next attempt. It pushes me to advance my training and going beyond current limits that become next year’s accomplishments.

Ivanti will be challenging now and into 2021 to develop the best solutions for endpoint management. As a challenger, it’s in our DNA.