Of course, once you become an Ivanti customer, you gain the benefits Ivanti’s solutions, our experience, our commitment to your success, and our ecosystem of partners and engaged users. But at Ivanti, every customer is also a very important person, with access to some very innovative perks. Herewith, some information concerning two such perks about which every Ivanti customer (and those who might become Ivanti customers) should know.

The Ivanti Solution Adviser

Every Ivanti customer who purchases a maintenance contract gains access to a range of resources via the Smart Service Portal at the Ivanti Technical Community. A powerful and popular feature of that Portal is the Solution Adviser.

Got a specific problem or challenge? Head for the Solution Adviser, and answer a few questions via easy-to-navigate drop-down menus. In return, you get:

  • A list of top solutions based on Ivanti expert opinions and relevant customer experiences;
  • Links to relevant postings in the Ivanti Technical Community; and
  • High-value supporting collateral, such as white papers and articles.

Want more? Once you’ve examined the results from the Solution Adviser, you have the option of requesting more information or support from the Ivanti team by submitting an online request. You can then request a response by phone or email, and track your case from initiation through resolution. And in the unlikely event that the Solution Adviser and support team don’t resolve your issue, you can also request escalation to review by Ivanti support management.

Ivanti is fully committed to your success. The Solution Adviser provides a fast, easy way to identify and begin pursuing your specific challenges and opportunities, with nothing else required but your access to the Smart Service Portal.

The Ivanti Insider Hub

We at Ivanti don’t just want to help you address your most pressing IT challenges quickly and effectively. We also want to reward you for your support of Ivanti. So we’ve launched the Ivanti Insider Hub.

This online resource showcases a constantly-evolving set of challenges and opportunities. You get points for each one you complete. Those points can be exchanged for items ranging from Ivanti swag to experiences with Ivanti executives. Want the chance to go fly-fishing with CEO Steve Daly, go skiing with CISO Phil Richards, or perform with CMO Steve Morton and the house band at Ivanti’s Sales Kick-Off? Become an Insider Hub advocate, and start accumulating those points!

Your Next Steps

For more information about the Insider Hub, customers can drop a line to [email protected]. If you’re not yet an Ivanti customer, you can learn more about our Solution Adviser and other support services here. Then, check out our solutions online, and get in touch with us, so we can start helping you to modernize and improve IT at your organization and tap into The Power of Unified IT™.