Ivanti’s extended products group is pleased to bring you the latest release – Desktop and Server Management 2020.2. This update includes improved password encryption, tighter Ivanti Xtraction integration, a new remote control feature (BETA), and a new MSIX Packaging Wizard.

New features and functionalities include:

  • Improved password encryption throughout the ICDB - Desktop and Server Management (DSM) 2020.2 will be using RSA 2048 bit asymmetric key pairs and AES 256 bit symmetric key encryption algorithms to further improve the password security in the DSM environment.
  • New eScript command to execute Powershell 7 scripts - Introducing the command “RunPS7Script” which can execute Powershell 7 scripts directly.
  • Tighter Ivanti Xtraction integration and pre-configured Out-Of-The-Box Dashboards - Pre-defined Xtraction dashboards can query the DSM database directly to deliver meaningful reports of the entire environment.
  • Ivanti Desktop and Server Management Remote Control (BETA) - Newly designed tool to connect to internal and external clients.
  • Added line numbers in eScript editor to support troubleshooting - After enabling the Extended Script Editor in the Packaging Workbench, you are now able to see the line numbers which will improve the troubleshooting capability should a script fail on a specific line.
  • New packaging wizard for MSIX files – allowing you  to create a software package based on the new MSIX standard.

We plan to integrate the full functionality of Desktop and Server Management (DSM) Remote Control within the next Service Update in 2021. Until then you can test the tool without any additional license needed. Please watch the Desktop and Server Management webinar on-demand to learn more about these advantages and other functionality and access the release notes here.