The podcast crew is hitting the road on today’s episode!

We spent last week at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, where 14,000 others spent two days listening to speakers from tech giants like Facebook and Slack.

As a Black Diamond Sponsor, Ivanti had a booth at the event, and the Interchange IT Podcast crew decided to conduct a few interviews with the conference attendees. We met a lot of cool people exploring the blossoming world of tech in Utah.

First, we spoke with Jon Wallace, an Ivanti employee who began at AppSense and moved to Florida from the UK. Jon discussed the tech scene in Utah. He also talked about how IT security is fundamentally changing, and gives tips of ways to minimize your risk against security breaches.

Next, we talked to Sarah Scott. Sarah had a lot to say about the power of technology in rural America. We also discussed initiatives happening in rural America to boost technology.

Stay tuned for part two!

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