I am excited to announce the launch of our latest network security offering known as Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access (nSA). This new cloud-based management solution will allow our existing L3 VPN customers using Connect Secure to take the next step in their journey toward a zero trust architecture. And this all can happen while still utilize existing Connect Secure VPNs that are already setup and configured. Ivanti firmly believes that a zero trust architecture is the path forward but realizes at the same time that VPN won’t be going away anytime soon. Some competitors in the market believe this but it just isn’t reality.

The biggest customer benefit of Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access in my mind is the time savings associated with streamlining management (see figure 1). Let’s drill down in two specific areas, gateway update management and analytics/visibility, to understand how customers will benefit from a Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access deployment.

Gateway Update Management

w/o Neurons for Secure Access

Administrator downloads update package and then uploads the package to each individual Connect Secure gateway, then selects to install.  This is very time intensive, especially having to upload the update to each individual gateway. Usually around 30 minutes+, depending on how many gateways to update, connection speeds, update package size, etc.

w/Neurons for Secure Access

Administrator signs into nSA and navigates to the gateway to update. Administrator selects "Upgrade to version XYZ". Gateway is updated from Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access (nZTA) with no further interaction from admin. Time savings can be minutes to hours, depending on how many gateways need to be updated, as the time involved here is literally less than a minute to upgrade.

Ivanti Internal Testing Comparison

  • 30x reduction in time spent

Analytics and Visibility

w/o Neurons for Secure Access

Administrator would need to sign into each Connect Secure gateway individually to review user and data analytics. This can be very cumbersome and time consuming in large Connect Secure deployments as each gateway/cluster must be touched individually.

w/Neurons for Secure Access

Administrator signs into nSA and is able to review user and data analytics for entire deployment from a single pane of glass. For large deployments this can provide massive time savings for admins who only need to review one interface instead of each individual device.

Ivanti Internal Testing Comparison

  • 2.5x reduction in time spent

operational efficiencies with neurons for secure access

Your mileage may vary but Ivanti believes administrators will see these productivity gains with Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access. My colleagues Nathan McLean and Scott Erickson have also written technical blog articles around Neurons for Secure Access and how Neurons for Secure Access is the easiest path to Neurons for Zero Trust Access.

For more information, check out our short demo below and our product page on Ivanti.com.

Introducing Neurons for Secure Access