Think you are a Shavlik Protect expert? Whether you are a Protect veteran or a noob, we would like to expand your expertise during the Shavlik Technical Summit at Interchange in Las Vegas on May 24-25. There are many Shavlik Protect advanced features we will go into including (but not limited to) predictive patching, content updates, distribution servers, scheduled reporting, rollups and other advanced features, including those new to version 9.2.

We know Protect is quick and easy to setup and configure, but there is so much more under the surface. One of our goals is to demystify many of the advanced features that will maximize the value of Shavlik Protect in any environment. We hope to introduce you to capabilities you didn’t even know existed and help you understand how to implement Shavlik Protect's advanced features in your environment.

We’re bringing some of our best engineers and product managers together to mind meld with you during a few days of training and extracurricular activities. Look forward to seeing you there.