Regarding the issue with our Ivanti PulseSecure VPN solution

A Sincere Apology:

We apologize to all customers impacted by the disruption this has caused. We began working diligently on a solution as soon as we were aware of the issue to resolve.

Our intent has been to remedy this quickly in the most complete way possible. Our goal is to be transparent while providing regular and ongoing communications to you.

An Update on Where We are:

We are on target to deliver releases on a rolling basis for all supported versions with the timeline outlined in the Knowledge Base article.

  • PCS Version 9.1R11.3 General Access fix was made available at 8:05 a.m. MT, Tuesday, 13 April.
  • PCS Versions 9.1R8.4, 9.1R9.2, and 9.1R10.2 General Access fix was made available at 1:20 a.m. MT, Wednesday, 14 April.

What was involved:

While we would have liked this to be a quick fix, we wanted to ensure that we adequately tested for quality and security. Our General Availability releases will be fully packaged and will have gone through complete internal validation procedures.

Our Support and Your Feedback:

We are actively working with impacted customers to provide support, help restore their services and get feedback. We know this is more than an inconvenience. We are focusing on resolving this in an expedited manner. We know we can do better and we will do better moving forward.

Our Continued Commitment

We will continue to reach out and provide updates until this issue is completely resolved.

You can also monitor this site or review the latest Knowledge Base article here (linked).