My wife and I make it a habit of taking a 2-to-3-mile power walk every day around the neighborhood park where we live. With summer upon us and recent heatwave on the west coast, lately these walks take place during the mid-morning hours when it is a lot cooler outside, and sometimes in between meetings. The walks are not only for us to stay fit and lose some (winter and pandemic) weight, but it does wonders for our mental health after being cooped up inside for several months. Personally, this aligns with our credo of always moving forward.

Since these walks coincide with my normal working hours, I always carry my smartphone with me to remain in contact with my teammates. Often, several of my teammates collaborate with me via chat while I am soaking up the summer sun – the epitome of the Everywhere Workplace! Ironically, it is after one of these power walks that I sat down and did a brain dump to write this blog!

The cool thing about using my personal smartphone to work, when I'm not tethered to my work laptop back at home, is it is managed by Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Mobile and protected by Mobile Threat Defense and Zero Sign-On. I am reassured that all my work productivity, collaboration, and email apps are installed, my identity credentials are provisioned automatically, and all my personal and work data are safeguarded, no matter where I’m hanging out.

Also, I don't have to wrack my brain to remember and then enter my username and password onto a small mobile device screen while I'm walking around the park. My company employs multifactor authentication (MFA) that uses my device (possession) and biometrics (inherence) as strong factors to access my critical work resources, always remaining productive while I'm sweating from the physical exercise, not from worrying about my password getting phished or information on my smartphone being stolen. If I happen to lose or misplace my smartphone while on my daily walks, I'm not worried because Ivanti UEM allows me to locate or lock my device and retire or wipe my personal and work data from the device remotely. It definitely is the summer of security (SOS) and fun, so stay safe and secure out there!