Go back a few years and there was more hype about managing your PC lifecycle. Today those PCs are only a part of the story.

However, that same lifecycle still applies for any number of business devices, which goes as follows:

  1. A new user gets onboarded and receives a primary device or a current user is given a new device
  2. The device needs software or it’s useless – preferably only the apps the user needs to do their job
  3. The user picks up other devices – people now have three or more devices
  4. Something always goes wrong – talk to Murphy about his law
  5. Bad people are out there trying to steal your data – yes, you’ve seen the headlines
  6. The device gets old, too slow, or isn’t cool anymore – so you retire or recycle it

But what happens when you take this lifecycle and tie together all your related IT systems? It becomes an even better cycle of life that makes life go a little smoother at your organization.

Jon Wallace, chief tech evangelist, and Adam Smith (yours truly), sit down for a short conversation about the role of Unified IT within the endpoint lifecycle. It’s a 12-minute mini-webinar that’s worth a look. Who knows, it may spawn a few of your own ideas about how to manage your endpoint devices!