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*This post originally appeared on the AppSense blog prior to the rebrand in January 2017, when AppSense, LANDESK, Shavlik, Wavelink, and HEAT Software merged under the new name Ivanti.

A new security vulnerability dubbed "Shellshock" was recently discovered in the Bash shell, a component that's common in many UNIX and Linux operating systems, thereby potentially allowing remote code execution on these systems.

Upon learning of the “Shellshock” vulnerability, the AppSense development team moved rapidly to assess any potential impact to AppSense and its customers.

Here is a summary of our findings and actions:

DesktopNow: Not Affected

The vulnerability only affects UNIX and Linux operating systems, and DesktopNow does not use either of them. DesktopNow is not affected by the Shellshock vulnerability in any way.

DataNow: Not Affected

DataNow includes a Linux-based virtual appliance to broker access to on-premises storage locations, and we are pleased to report that DataNow is not vulnerable to the "Shellshock" attack. While Linux in general is vulnerable to this attack, the hardened DataNow appliance is not affected.  The Appsense development team has confirmed this through network tests and will continue to monitor the situation closely and update the DataNow appliance’s OS software in accordance with best practices.

Note: If you use third party network appliances or servers in conjunction with any AppSense product, you should check with the vendor of those devices to ensure they are not affected by the Shellshock vulnerability.

We realize that security vulnerabilities of this magnitude are a major concern to enterprise IT organizations. We hope that by communicating and acting quickly, we are aiding your assessment and recovery efforts.

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