This just in! Our amazing team at Shavlik Protect just won the Gold Award of VMworld 2016 for the Security category by TechTarget’s!

While the win is not a complete surprise—it was wholeheartedly deserved, after all—here we'll break down our perspective on why Shavlik took home the award.

Emphasis on virtualization

Virtualization was one of the hottest topics at VMWorld 2016, and it also happens to be one of the greatest strengths of Shavlik Protect. Data centers are constantly choosing Shavlik for its ability to seamlessly patch virtual environments.

Some of the features offered in regards to patching virtual environments include:

  • Virtual machine template patching
  • Online and offline virtual machine patching
  • VMware vCenter integration
  • VMware ESXi Hypervisor patching
  • Snapshot critical assets for superior rollback

Third-party patching

Many organizations make the mistake of only focusing on their OS, forgetting that third party applications can also create system vulnerabilities.

Shavlik provides an immense catalog of third-party applications which is always expanding to include new products and updated versions.

Security foundation with patch management

Today's security landscape is filled with all kinds of new and flashy products that promise protection from today's latest threats.

But many organizations are overlooking the basic simplicity and efficiency of patch management. A robust patch tool doesn't just eliminate vulnerabilities, it also eliminates the threats that target those vulnerabilities.

Go agentless

Shavlik's agentless capabilities are great for many reasons:

  • Minimize impact to server workloads
  • Assess and deploy patches
  • New virtual systems are never missed

Add water and stir

Software for the enterprise has had a bad rap for being difficult to configure and install. Shavlik's engineers have put a lot of effort into making sure their product is not only installed properly, but is also scanning for patches and deploying patches in half an hour or less. This might sounds too simplistic, but trust us, Shavlik Protect has the capability to work in large and complex environments.

Try it for yourself and you'll quickly see why Shavlik Protect won the Gold Award of VMworld 2016 for the Security category!