I spent the last two weeks visiting some of our customers and partners in Europe.  With the launch of Protect 9.1 and the introduction of the localized version of the product we had a lot to talk about.  The first week I traveled to Geneva, Munich, Turino, and Paris and we introduced Protect 9.1 to partners in each country.   The localization feature will definitely be welcomed by current customers and will open up new conversations for German, French, and Italian companies who require a localized product before they will consider purchase.  All together, a very good week with a lot of positive feedback regarding Protect.

Week two I visited our LANDESK office in Bracknell, UK where we had a Lunch and Learn with many customers and some new prospects.  I was also able to meet with some of our UK partners as well.  The question of Protect being localized into UK English did come up.  Sorry guys, it was not in this release.  You have US English for now.  Maybe in a later release we will have to split it out like Chinese where there is Simplified and Traditional.  We can call EN-UK the Traditional English and the EN-US Simplified English.  I took that as a note for the backlog :)

Meeting with our customers and partners in Europe was a great experience.  We performed an exercise that we like to call 'Painstorming'.  Basically opening the conversation to the customers and partners to hear what they want and need out of the product.  After we have a list of topics to discuss we went into discussions around future releases and what we are already working on to help deliver on some of the items that were discussed.  It was a great experience and very valuable conversation.  I want to thank each of the customers and partners who participated in those meetings and I hope to include you all in milestone discussions as we develop those features into the product and ultimately get you into the Beta for the next release for items you are experiencing pain with.