Compared to last month’s Patch Tuesday (the biggest this year) this month’s was slightly calmer, with seven bulletins, three of which were Critical. There were also a few third-party updates from Adobe and Google Chrome.

Shavlik is often quoted in the press as an authority on patching, and this month we spoke with a variety of media on the news. In case you haven’t had a chance to read up on the news yet, here are links to a selection of the articles that include information from Shavlik:

Each month, we review the Microsoft and third-party releases for Patch Tuesday in a webcast, which occurs the day after the announcements are made. Our next webcast will take place shortly after the January Patch Tuesday announcement. If you’d like to attend, check back here for registration information. You can also view other recent webinars, including a recording of this month’s patch Tuesday webcast at the same link.