Patch Management from the cloud – why should you care? With clients increasingly mobile, as are you, we saw a need to be able to patch and track what’s going on in your enterprise and see that information anywhere. With Shavlik Empower, we introduced cloud-based, web-accessible patch management with inventory and change tracking and this is just the beginning. We were so excited about what Shavlik Empower can do for our Shavlik Protect customers that we made the base inventory and change tracking free with Protect.

If you missed the launch of Shavlik Empower last fall, we want to give you some hands on training and experience at the first Shavlik Technical Summit at Interchange in Las Vegas on May 24-25. We’re going to go into architecture, integration with Protect, and the ability to manage Windows and Mac OS X systems directly from the cloud. We hope to see you there.