If your organization is like many we encounter, then you are undoubtedly facing shifting issues affecting your security posture.

You are trying to handle the crushing task of meeting security specifications with inadequate resources. You are also charged with proving the integrity of the security data behind compliance reports without adding expenses.

These challenges are aggravated by the number of cybersecurity solutions that you are attempting to manage.

In a recent Ivanti webinar survey, it emerged that over 40 percent of you are juggling five security solutions or more. What's crystal clear is that these solutions—each with their own reporting interfaces—fail to provide a complete, integrated view of the risks to your environment.

Over 90 Percent Use Spreadsheets

Grappling with multiple tools from multiple vendors creates gaps where attacks can be launched, adding to risk and cost, and increasing the pressure on already overextended teams and your IT governance.

The perspective from a single tool or a single set of metrics provided by separate tools can lull you into a false sense of security as decisions are based on limited views. On the flip side, attempting to scan and correlate the masses of data provided by individual security tools is a mammoth task that takes precious resources. With so much data hurtling towards you from different sources responses slow and risks increase as the number and type of security threats evolve unchecked.

How are you dealing with this right now? An overwhelming 93 percent of our webinar audience admitted that they routinely resorted to spreadsheets to aggregate and manipulate data from their security tools. This heightens the risk of error laden results.

With increased cyber-threats, new regulations like GDPR, and the demands to prove compliance, you need a different approach. One that delivers unified, up-to-the minute, meaningful and actionable IT security reports. You can’t afford to wait for the completion of manual work that potentially contains inaccuracies. You need the confidence to know that the ‘meaning’ was derived without risky data manipulations in spreadsheets.

From recent security breaches, it’s fair to say that the first cut is the deepest when it comes to your reputation. The cost of inadequately protecting your environment can literally put you out of your job or your organization out of business.

Yet it’s hard to know where to focus your decision-making attention with a multitude of data in the wind. What's superfluous becomes another headache that distracts security teams.

Focus on the Top Three

Here at Ivanti, we believe there are three important areas for reporting that provide focus for the outcomes that you need to achieve.

  1. Assess how your environment is performing against the top 5 Critical Security Controls as defined by the Center for Internet Security. Build your defenses.
  2. Know the age of missing patches from your endpoints to realize the attack area and restrict your threat exposure.
  3. Ensure data governance. Achieve different goals and perspectives from the same core data records, without compromising that data.

But how do you concentrate on these top three when you are still juggling five or more tools?

Reporting & Dashboard Solution: Xtraction

The best way to achieve this focus is with Ivanti reporting and dashboard solution, Xtraction. It provides self-service, real-time reporting. You'll get beautiful, sleek dashboards without effort, expense or inaccuracy. Xtraction brings intelligence to IT merging security vendor-tools data into one place. From here it’s a snap to highlight trends, assess risks, and financial impact that are key to your business.

Unify IT Security Data

Raise visibility. Connect to the data from the various security systems in your organization and view it in Xtraction. Determine the missing patches that you care about. The critical devices across the organization. The security tasks such as scanning, deployments and account maintenance. Filter out the noise by assembling all that critical information in Xtraction.

You’ll see everything in one, clean easy to generate, easy to read and easy to filter dashboard or a set of dashboards. View data in many ways, shaped on different interests and requirements of the audience. All without compromising the accuracy of the underlying records. And, for a complete unified IT view, it’s easy to include data from other IT systems.

Security data matters now more than ever before. Getting your reporting and analytics right enables significant benefits. Convert the large volumes of data generated by your security tools into a set of focused dashboards. Provide clarity that is currently lacking. Fuel insight to determine exposure, the acceptable level of risk, and to prioritize efforts to act and protect the environment.

Interested in learning more? Check out the on-demand webinar, hear more about the top three and see Xtraction in action.

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