Did you know there is a hidden app in iOS and iPadOS 14? It’s called Code Scanner and yes, it is used specifically for scanning Quick Response (QR) codes. So why does Apple hide this app? The app is already integrated into the iOS and iPadOS Camera app which is why your iPhone or iPad’s camera can scan and decode QR codes. So why have a standalone app that is hidden? There is a slight difference between the two apps. Code Scanner can open links with a unique in-app browser, and it automatically closes when you are done. Using the Camera app to scan a QR code will automatically open Safari browser, where each scan will open more browser windows that can easily clutter your Safari or default browser app. The user must manually close each browser window afterward. Code Scanner does not do this.

To find the Code Scanner app, go to the search menu by swiping right from the home screen. Search for “Code Scanner” and then simply tap on it to launch the app. So why am I writing a quick blog and recording a short video about this hidden app? Whether you use your Camera app or Code Scanner to scan QR codes, both are protected by Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense’s (MTD) multilayered mobile anti-phishing protection engines as demonstrated in the video below. QR codes can embed a malicious URL that redirects you to an infected website that can potentially download drive-by malware onto your device, unknowingly. MTD blocks you from landing onto the malicious website by preventing you from circumventing the blocking page.

MTD can be enabled within Ivanti Neurons for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform that provides discovery and visibility to all your company’s endpoints. Also, Ivanti UEM manages all your mobile devices and laptops and provides self-healing and self-securing capabilities using hyper-automation. Finally, raise your company’s zero trust maturity model by also adding Ivanti’s Zero Sign-On for passwordless authentication that enables the stronger inherence and possession factors in a multifactor authentication (MFA) system. ZSO also helps prevent phishing and credential theft by eliminating passwords altogether. Stay safe and secure out there!

James Saturnio - Securing iOS and iPadOS 14's hidden app: Code Scanner