Getting workers the right access to the right apps and resources often takes days, even weeks. IT teams are often bogged down by manual processes, leading to downtime, inefficiencies, and possible security risks. And not only do employees need the correct apps and resources when they’re hired, but roles change and employees leave. IT must keep up with all of it – ensuring that access changes when employees change roles and denied when employees leave. Proper offboarding processes are vital to the security of an organization, without which assets are left vulnerable and security risks increase.

Along with service and asset management, identity is essential to the success of an organization’s onboarding and offboarding process. Why? Let’s break down just how the identity of your employees is vital to them receiving or being denied the right access to apps and resources.

Onboarding and Offboarding the Identity Way

Here’s Jeff. He’s a marketing professional at your organization who needs access to a slew of apps and resources (perhaps Marketo, MS Suite, or even Slack for team communication). For Jeff to be provisioned these apps and resources, his identity means everything. What his role is, what computer he uses, where he likes to work (whether at home or at the office), how often he works – all are vital to the onboarding process.

And then, Jeff decides he doesn’t want to be a marketing professional at your organization anymore (perhaps he’s leaving to start his own business selling grass-fed, gluten free butter). His access to specific apps and important resources should be denied – he won’t need them any longer. The offboarding process will happen in minutes, not months. Jeff’s identity makes it simple and easy to decommission his devices, deny him apps and resources, and ensure your org’s assets are secure.

Employee identity sits at the cornerstone of your organization’s failure or success – without a proper grasp on your employees’ identities, IT has a difficult time enforcing complex access policies while onboarding and offboarding within the ever-changing, hybrid environment of the modern workplace. And if IT struggles, everyone struggles – especially your employee’s productivity.

Identity by Ivanti

Ivanti can help you answer the identity question for your organization. How? Let’s break it down.

            The Solution: Automation with Ivanti Identity Director

By automating everything (and yes, we mean everything about the onboarding and offboarding process), IT can address both rising security risks and new, complex technology. Through automation, IT can balance the responsibility of meeting compliance and governance requirements, while also providing workers with more flexibility than ever – that’s a win-win. IT knows your workers’ identities, onboards them accordingly, and they’re free to work effectively, with peace of mind and flexibility, until they need to be offboarded.

How do you achieve this IT-worker win? With Ivanti Identity Director, of course!

With an attribute-based approach to identity and access management including automated provisioning, workflows, and self service, workers are guaranteed access on day one based on their identity, the business remains secure if they ever leave the organization, and IT is free to get on with innovating.

As your organization becomes increasingly dependent on IT services, conventional approaches to managing identities and access and providing services to users just don’t cut it. But, by implementing Ivanti Identity Director, your organization can handle the intensifying requirements of onboarding and offboarding processes with ease, efficiency, and excellence.

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