*This post originally appeared on the AppSense blog prior to the rebrand in January 2017, when AppSense, LANDESK, Shavlik, Wavelink, and HEAT Software merged under the new name Ivanti.

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Rising IT costs, compliance requirements and increasing security concerns are causing most enterprises to reconsider inefficient business practices. In order to optimize their business environments and streamline their processes, numerous companies turn to virtualization. However, finding a powerful platform that’s both highly-scalable and cost-effective can be a hurdle for IT administrators.

The AppSense Platform provides a solution to businesses with regulatory compliance challenges and endpoint security needs. It’s been deployed by over 3,200 enterprises worldwide, including government agencies, healthcare organizations, banks, and Fortune 1000 companies.  AppSense Application Manager provides unprecedented control and leverage to IT teams, and provides ample resources for unrivaled scalability.

Reduce Security Risks

IT teams are empowered to control endpoints and reduce security risks significantly, while still providing a positive user experience. Application Manager Trusted Ownership™ equips your operating systems with a “trust layer” by blocking the execution of malware that users knowingly or inadvertently download onto their desktops. As a result, antivirus functions in certain VMs and servers can be minimized without heightened risk, resulting in fewer system resources being consumed—and possibly longer hardware life.

Furthermore, Performance Manager addresses application behavior in shared environments. The platform improves user density by more than 40% , and improves hardware cycles. As a result, IT teams can deliver a highly responsive desktop to users. IT support and licensing costs are reduced. And the overall reliability of your company’s platform is increased.

User Scalability

According to performance testing, Adobe Flash software, antivirus products, and poorly-engineered applications are known to impact “user density” by up to 30 percent. This results in an increased cost per user, which further drives up IT costs and quickly eats away at the company’s budget—without a return on investment. AppSense improves security and reduces the cost per user substantially by minimizing and restricting technologies and resources which consume and drain performance.

AppSense provides a host of benefits for companies on the fast track to growth, as well as smaller organizations that need room to scale in the future. Users not only get to work immediately upon deployment, but log-on times will improve by up to 90 percent. Fewer help desk calls means IT staff can focus on critical projects, increasing their productivity—and your bottom line.

The power to conquer the most stringent enterprise demands hinges on leaving room for future scalability, at minimal cost and effort. That power is AppSense. Our team is ready to give you a personalized 10 minute demo to show you how we can help.  Schedule your demo today.