Richa Bharwani, an Ivanti Field Marketing Manager for Public Sector residing in Chantilly, Virginia, wasn’t sure what to expect when she felt moved to start her own fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Her inspiration was her dear mother, Indra Sharma, who died from breast cancer more than 21 years ago.

“My mother was the type of person who lit up a room with her smile, and I wanted to do something in honor of her that I knew others could also enjoy,” Richa said. “I love to bake, so I decided to host a month-long bake sale with all proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization.”12 cupcakes

With the creation of a flyer posted on social media, and through word of mouth, the “Indra Sharma Breast Cancer Awareness Bake Sale” took off on October 3. The offering of delectable desserts includes a variety of homemade cupcakes, sheet cakes, and Bundt cakes.

Orders quickly poured in from Richa’s neighbors, Ivanti colleagues, and her husband Uttam’s golf league. Her family helped spread the word, and her friend submitted orders for her daughter’s high school volleyball team. For a period, Richa was baking almost every night, though most of her baking is done on weekends.a cake shaped like a pink ribbon

“The support from colleagues, family, and friends has been amazing! People are buying baked goods and donating to the cause. So far donations exceed $600, and there’s still a few days left in October!” she said. “This has been a lot of baking while working a full-time job, but I know my mom is proud of my efforts.”

Richa plans to make the “Indra Sharma Breast Cancer Awareness Bake Sale” an annual event. “My mother always spread goodness and was a great example to her family and friends. If you met her once, you felt she was your very best friend. This is my way of sharing goodness and following in her footsteps.”