*This post originally appeared on the Pulse Secure blog prior to the acquisition in December 2020, when Pulse Secure became part of Ivanti.

Our mission of “Secure Access for People, Devices, Things and Services” took a big step forward TODAY with the general availability of Pulse Zero Trust Access (PZTA) – the industry’s first hyper-converged, multi-tenant secure access service platform.

During these unprecedented times served up by COVID-19, countless businesses and organizations are shifting workers and resources en masse to remote operations. Pulse Secure has been at the forefront of helping companies of all sizes, and in all sectors, maintain their business continuity and ensuring their employees’ productivity and safety. The announcement of PZTA further enhances our ability to serve our customers more effectively.  

PZTA is a multi-tenant and multi-instance secure access platform delivered as a service. Hybrid and multi-cloud access, support for a very diverse set of applications and co-existence with traditional deployments are complemented with a very rich set of analytics and visibility functions. These capabilities are built on a foundation of 1) a unified client across all devices and platforms 2) a unified policy engine and 3) a unified platform to deliver superior Productivity, Visibility and Compliance/Governance for Enterprise and Service Provider customers alike. Additionally, granular role-based access controls, continuous and adaptive risk assessments, and placement of gateways significantly reduce threat surfaces and improve anomaly detection.

pulsesecure zero trust network acess secure access hybrid it diagram

This partner and service provider-friendly solution is ecosystem conducive, lending itself to third party and environmental integrations. This enables our partners to add custom value and deliver – and derive – significant value for our joint customers.

While I can continue to tout the incredible value that this solution brings to customers, I recognize that there is other customer facing collateral that does just that. I will instead focus on the team that came together to make this solution possible.

Pulse Secure has evolved constantly – and tremendously – over the last several years. At all times, we are balancing our obligations to our more than 24,000 customers while also looking for opportunities to expand. This is NOT an easy thing to accomplish for any company – no matter its access to funds – but we have never believed in standing still and have never hesitated to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible. This mindset is obviously NOT possible without an incredibly talented AND committed team.

Rohini Kasturi – our Chief Product Officer – has been a relentless force behind this significant launch that brought together every function in the company towards a common cause. I have known Rohini for several years to be a leader who balances strategic focus with extreme execution, and it is personally very satisfying for me to see this in action. He attracted wonderful talent to Pulse Secure and capitalized on the already rich talent in the company and blended the teams into a cohesive unit that accomplished this incredible feat under tight time constraints. 

I am very grateful to the broad cross section of our employees who worked tirelessly to make this significant milestone possible, it was exciting and humbling to see everyone’s commitment, across all functions. With COVID-19 afflicting the entire world, in-person collaboration became impractical. This placed a greater burden on the team to ‘get things done’ and I am really proud of how everyone rallied around one another, another shining example of “Pulse Cares“!

To be clear, today is only a start! We will engage with our customers and partners, delight them with our PZTA solution but critically, learn from them on what we can do to make it better every single day.

My focus has always been on ensuring that we stay relevant and that we are able to scale. I have no doubt that we will continue to reach new heights with the fantastic team that we have and the excellent commitment that everyone displays to delivering customer success every single day!