Every month, you start your maintenance, not on Patch Tuesday, but on Patch Tuesday + x days. I have seen dozens of spreadsheets that all look alike and heard the same from even more customers. They pretty much all start on the second Tuesday of the month with all of the subsequent execution happening with that as the anchor. +1 day test group 1, +3 days test group 2, +5 days dev group 1, +9 days dev group 2, + 11 days Prod 1, etc. The problem with this is in the Outlook style scheduling.

A couple times a year, scheduling a job to run on the second Thursday of the month will be thrown off as the second Thursday will occur before the second Tuesday. Very problematic. So what you need is an anchor date to start your schedule from. Second Tuesday is the start of all your monthly maintenance and Protect 9.2 has your solution.  Observe:

So now you can setup all your reoccurring jobs exactly as they read from your patching maintenance spreadsheet. Ready to play? [email protected] starting soon.