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New Course Catalog and Expanded Blended Learning Now Available in Global Academy 

“Global Academy allows me to find the information I need, when I need it, to solve a problem or use Ivanti products more effectively.” Adam Howard, System Admin  

Ivanti® Global Academy is a comprehensive, self-paced training environment that enables customers to be successful with Ivanti products. Our online platform delivers role-based content that allows users to learn what, when, and how they want.   

Ivanti customers can request a free account by emailing [email protected] to access limited content. To gain access to our full catalog, you can purchase a subscription from the Global Academy Store or contact your sales representative.

Expanded Blended Learning  

We continue to expand our Blended Learning Paths to enable customer success. These new learning paths include on-demand content, as well as Instructor-led activities where learners participate in live discussions and virtual labs with technical experts and certified instructors.  Current Blended Learning paths are available for Service Manager and Endpoint Manager, with additional Blended Learning paths coming later this year. Click here to learn more about our Blended Learning program.  

New Course Catalog  

Check out our new course catalog that lists all Global Academy’s eLearnings, Recorded Sessions, Micro-Learnings, Learning Paths, and Instructor-Led courses. Each offering in the catalog is a clickable link that directs learners to the offering within Global Academy for convenience.   


Explore new capabilities of upcoming Asset Manager 2019.3 release in What’s New Webinar 

Ivanti Asset Manager is designed to manage software and hardware assets throughout their entire lifecycle – from purchase through allocation, usage, and eventually disposal. It keeps tabs on contracts while tracking lease, warranty, and financial information to ensure assets are optimized and secured. The upcoming version 2019.3 release of Ivanti Asset Manager will provide new request offerings for software, consumables and bundles, software certificates asset subtype, licensable software from Ivanti Cloud, improved stability and more capabilities for IT organizations to effectively manage and optimize their IT assets. The release is planned for early November 2019. To learn more about the new capabilities, you can listen to the What’s New Webinar here.   

License Optimizer features interactive log file and improved data source identification 

The latest License Optimizer updates provide interactive log files to help you to understand and navigate your logs better. It also now displays “Assigned to Client OSIs” and “Assigned to Server OSIs” information on the software page. The latest release also simplifies the inventory data import configuration for Ivanti Data Services as a data source. To help you better identify the origin of your data, a new data source column has been added to the software page.    

To learn how you can easily identify opportunities to reclaim licenses and optimize your license spend, check out this new video.


Ivanti Service Manager 2019.3 coming soon to the cloud 

We’re excited by the coming Service Manager 2019.3 release for cloud deployments, scheduled to be available in early November, alongside the new Asset Manager 2019.3 release. This new Service Manager release delivers ongoing quality improvements, security updates, and usability enhancements. Also look for new Service Catalog and Self-Service improvements, “Analyst on the Go” capability for Service Desk analysts, and more. Learn more about this new release and associated dates by viewing the What’s New Webinar here


Greater insight about the state of your devices 

Smart Advisors 

The Device Reconciliation Smart Advisor compares data between sources and helps you get an accurate picture of what devices you have and what can help you manage them better. We’ve added Real-Time Monitoring to the Device Reconciliation Smart Advisor, so it allows customers to answer the questions: 

  • How many devices have Ivanti Cloud Agent installed? 
  • Which devices are missing the Ivanti Cloud agent? 

Device Dashboard 

The device dashboard is a great web console for analysts to use to manage devices. We’ve provided additional details, data, and actions. 

  • Delete a device  
  • Reboot a device  
  • Stop process is now available as a default action 
  • Additional details on CPU type, memory usage, and free drive space. 
  • See the number of errors in the Event Log, which also links to the Event Log Summary for the device 

Real-time Queries 

Make quick “Google-like” queries to your endpoints and get immediate answers and visual data back about what’s going on with those edge devices. 

  • New "Legacy Software" query provides an overview of all legacy apps and the corresponding legacy type (32Bit, no code signing, etc.). 
  • Enhanced Event Logs query now supports requesting just a specific event ID to quickly single out an event. 
  • Failed Logons query now shows you a timeline of failed logons for the past 30 days. This allows you to better pinpoint spikes in failed logons and when they occurred. The original table view for Failed Logons is still available as a click-through. 
  • Configure an alert for the Process State query and now filter on the number of times a process is running (Process count). 


More device options for next generation mobile productivity  

Velocity 2.1.5 introduces support for new devices from several manufacturers. Casio’s DT-X400, M3 Mobile’s SM15, Sueic’s AutoID9 offer new choices to accompany expanded support for the Janam XG200’s keyboards and Honeywell EDA50KP. More devices means your organization has more manufacturer and design options to select the best mobile computer for your next generation mobile deployment. Add in this release’s expanded data capture, voice-enablement for improved data accuracy, and connectivity management options for faster task completion. 

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