Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: 

Service Management

  • Ivanti Service Manager

Identity and Access Management

  • Ivanti Identity Director

Operational Security

  • Ivanti Endpoint Manager patch tool

Unified Endpoint & User Workspace Management

  • Ivanti DSM
  • Ivanti LANrev
  • Ivanti File Director 

Supply Chain

  • Ivanti Velocity

Reporting and Analytics

  • Ivanti Xtraction

Portfolio Other

  • Ivanti Marketplace


Ivanti Service Manager 2017.3 On Premise Release

UI enhancements, easier reporting and improved Endpoint integration

The latest version of Ivanti Service Manager (formerly HEAT Service Management) for On Premise is scheduled to be available February 9th, 2018. The 2017.3 release expands the capabilities ITSM teams, along with the rest of the enterprise, need to maintain timely delivery of high quality services.

Have your users asked for more engaging experiences when looking for help? Service Manager 2017.3 introduces more UI enhancements to improve your users’ experience. This release provides more flexibility to customize and modify the background images of Service Manager. Also, the Home Page now has more available design options, letting you offer a more responsive UI that takes into account users’ device and environment. Your users will enjoy a more consistent and satisfying experience no matter what device they use.

Been looking for easier ad hoc reporting within Service Manager? Then check out RapidReports for a self-service approach to easily create and share your reports. Using a visual designer and data from Saved Searches, you can now easily create your own reports, choose desired outputs and share in a variety of formats, like PDF or HTML. Generate your reports when you want without needing to understand the underlying data scheme or asking for additional data sets.

Automation is still key to reducing your workload from repetitive tasks. 2017.3 delivers more integration and automation with Ivanti Endpoint Manager to provide a ‘no touch’ approach when users ask for new software, such as Service Catalog self-service requests with required approvals. Leverage automation to remove any manual steps still left, freeing up more of your time while making it easier for your users to get what they need to stay productive.

Additional highlights of Service Manager 2017.3 include:

  • Better visibility of staff availability to work on key tasks with a clear calendar view of their schedule.
  • Improved performance for default searches when creating a Role or Workspace, by defining other searches beside “All Records” as the default.

These are some of the exciting new capabilities coming with Service Manager 2017.3. Learn more about the release by viewing the “What’s New” webinar here. Stay on top of news, timing for the release and access downloads by checking for updates in the Ivanti Community.

Find more Service Manager documentation on the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website.


Identity Director 10.3 Hits the Streets

Easy to use, time-saving and contextual

The latest release of Identity Director brings an array of updates for customers.

Save time by running multiple jobs on one machine. Parallel processing was introduced in Automation 10.1 and Identity Director 10.3 now enables the configuration of a workflow to invoke a run book that supports the parallel processing in Automation. Speed provisioning and deprovisioning with this practical feature.

Sometimes users need to request or cancel services for other users in the Web Portal. With Dynamic Delegated Administration that’s now realized AND easy to setup. We’ve also established a smart rule for administration. It deciphers the relationships between people based on roles and attributes to control the delegation.

Staying with the Web Portal, this release enables you to highlight specific services to users. These are visible as Featured Services on the Web Portal dashboard.

Version 10.3 introduces Custom End Workflow. It enables administrators to provide more context around the success or failure of a workflow instance and allows them to use this state to speed administration

You’ll also notice enhancements to the multi-lingual support to boost global working.

Refer to the Identity Director release notes for the full rundown of features and enhancements.

Don’t forget that we recently introduced an Identity Director connector for Xtraction. Xtraction is free of charge to Identity Director customers, ask your Account Rep for more details.


A New Patch Engine for Endpoint Manager

It’s faster and protects even more!

With security threats growing in frequency and sophistication, we’re excited to let you know we’ve integrated the patch tool for Ivanti Endpoint Manager (formerly Landesk Management Suite [LDMS]) with our next-generation patch engine. By using this new agent in your Windows environment, you’ll experience faster scan and remediation times and gain patch support for more than 100 additional third-party applications.

Our tests indicate this change should not impact your environment. Necessary updates will happen automatically; you don’t need to lift a finger.  

Please note:

  • We’ll continue to support your EOL agents until July 2018. This means that the new patch engine and content will work with your EOL agents until that time.
  • Legacy content already downloaded to the core can be used for all purposes and will not be deleted.
  • This change applies to Windows content only.

To learn more about the new agent, please visit the community article.

Read the article.

Unified Endpoint & User Workspace Management

DSM 2017 Available to Download

New version provides higher endpoint visibility and productivity enhancements

Ivanti is excited about the new version of  DSM 2017 which released in December. Check out the intuitive Web UI, which enables your support desk analysts to view device information and compliance status, identify issues, and take action for remediation. The new version also comes with enhanced support for Linux flavors Ubuntu and Debian; enhanced Windows 10 and IPv6 support; and patch management updates. Also try the new DSM Xtraction connector with various out of the box dashboards to ease decision making. To learn more about DSM 2017, check out the What’s New Community page with links to the on-demand webinar and product download.

For information on the DSM Support Policy. please refer to the Ivanti Community

LANrev 7.4.2 available

Support for iPhone X, VPP license status notifications and more

Ivanti is excited to announce the availability of the latest update to Ivanti LANrev (formerly HEAT LANrev): LANrev 7.4.2. This update brings a number of exciting improvements including:

  • Additional options for Android devices
  • Alerts when VPP licenses are low and depleted
  • Using Managed Apple IDs as key identifier for classroom person imports
  • Enhancements to tvOS 11 support
  • Added support for iPhone X
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes

You can download the latest version from the Ivanti Community

As part of the download file, you’ll find the release notes that detail the various enhancements.

File Director 4.4 Smooths Windows 10 Adoption

Visibility and efficiency gains enable IT to drive user acceptance during migrations

In the new Windows 10 world, IT teams face a constant state of migration caused by Microsoft’s more frequent update cadence. The latest release of Ivanti File Director provides IT teams with additional tools and metrics they need to ensure a smooth technical migration and deliver a positive experience for end users without disrupting employee productivity or business operations during and after a migration.

Regardless of the nature of a migration, the focus on positive end-user experience has been, and will continue to be, a key success factor for as long as such migrations take place. A migration represents a change for an end user’s environment and traditionally change has equaled disruption. The challenge for IT teams is minimize any disruption and get end users to embrace the change. Without user acceptance, even the fastest and most technically efficient migration can fail.

End user acceptance of the new environment starts at logon. If the logon is slow or their new workspace doesn’t function in the manner that they are accustomed, user acceptance will be less-than-stellar from the get-go. Users will start complaining, the number of service desk tickets will rise, and productivity will wane. Conversely, a smooth migration experience will bring an almost unnoticeable change for the end users and be celebrated as a major success.

File Director 4.4, with its many enhancements, makes life easier for IT teams and end users alike.

Smart PST Linking Keeps End Users Productive

When users begin their work day, the first application they open is typically Microsoft Outlook. When opening Microsoft Outlook on a new endpoint for the first time (such as after a migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10), if the Outlook profile expects to find a local .pst file, then the end user will experience an application hang while the file is downloaded.

To avoid this scenario and eliminate that Outlook hang, IT teams can utilize the Smart PST Linking feature in File Director 4.4 to unlink any remote Outlook Data Files (.pst) before a user opens Outlook on a new endpoint for the first time. This unlinking occurs before the desktop has been loaded so the end user experience is not disrupted and they can remain productive while potentially large .pst file(s) are downloaded in the background. Once the .pst file(s) have finished downloading, File Director then performs the relink in the background, resulting in a smooth onboarding process for end users.

File Delta Synchronization Improvements Enables Faster Syncing

The latest release of File Director 4.4. builds on the existing delta synchronization functionality with the ability to synchronize file changes asynchronously. Because file synchronization is handled in a more robust, scalable, and efficient manner, the amount of bandwidth and server resources required is reduced, improving the end user experience. This approach to file synchronization also ensures that uploads are not affected by issues such as infrastructure timeouts, further improving the user experience.

Increased Worker Threads per Server Speeds Response Times

File Director 4.4 also introduces HTTP Persistent Connections (also called HTTP keep-alive or HTTP connection reuse), increasing the number of processing threads available to each server from 200 to 400. This allows each server to process more requests simultaneously, resulting in faster response times to the File Director client and improving the user experience when interacting with managed files.

Cluster Health Check Metrics Aids Better Visibility into Success

The addition of Cluster Health Check Metrics in File Director 4.4 gives IT teams the visibility they need to properly monitor and report on their organization’s infrastructure performance. Having this level of information is important during any OS migration, but particularly during a user file migration to ensure an optimal end user experience.

Using tools such as Splunk and Graylog, IT teams can monitor the health and performance of their appliance and clusters with a wide range of metrics, including:

  • Number of threads in use
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Load average
  • OneDrive for Business connector performance statistics

Details of how to use Splunk to monitor File Director can be found on the Ivanti Community here.

To take advantage of the latest features that can help make the migration process easier, download File Director 4.4 from the Ivanti Community download page here.


The Express Lane to Android Migration

In Velocity 2.0, rapid modernization, content injections offer fast-track to worker productivity

Who says app modernization isn’t easy?

Set a few rules, and Velocity converts a common set of telnet screens into modernized app screens in minutes. Rapid modernization is among the top highlights of our latest release. And why not? Faster collection of screens from sessions, numerous APIs and scripts, and the ability to import custom CSS for screens, add up to making Velocity the fastest telnet modernization solution available. With all this available automation, it’s also the easiest.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words...

Another of the highlights is the ability to add content from external sources, such as images and graphics, to your modernized apps.  Consider the value for your workers: A picking application tells a worker to head down a certain aisle and location, then pick items from a designated bin.  If that on-screen instruction is presented with a photo of the product to be picked, your worker is essentially able to QA check their own pick, visually confirming that the parts they are picking match what the task is instructing.  Your perfect order rate receives immediate benefit.

The choice is yours

Your options for Android devices continue to expand - with devices of different screen sizes, for different use cases, from a number of manufacturers. In Velocity version 2.0, the Panasonic selection grows, with support for the ToughPad FZ-N1. It’s one more way Velocity delivers a common framework for deploying all your business apps across mobile hardware solutions.

[For Release Notes, Documentation and more, check out our Community]

[Get the latest software from our Downloads site]


New Xtraction Capabilities for the New Year

Say goodbye to Flash

Change can be hard, but in this case, we think you’ll approve. In 2017, Adobe identified over 60 Flash vulnerabilities and despite Adobe continually patching Flash vulnerabilities having a history of being exploited. Consequently, we know that many of you are choosing to cease the use of Flash in your organizations. As a result, we are moving to HTML5 in Xtraction release 2018.0. This also provides the stepping stones needed for you to enjoy more value-add features that take advantage of HTML5 capabilities in future releases.

In this latest release, we’ve also introduced a minor UI refresh to improve your user experience. In addition, for customers on Enterprise server edition, you’ll benefit from unlimited view access to support your ability to share critical information across your organization. 2018.0 will be available shortly.


Unveiling the new Ivanti Marketplace

Get the most from your investments in Ivanti

Pop the champagne, set off the fireworks. We’re launching our Marketplace online showcase of add-on solutions, extensions and connectors that simplify integration of Ivanti solutions to other IT systems. It also includes pre-built content to get up and running faster, or as a starting point from which to customize.

We know that technology environments are becoming more complex.  Easy access to trusted content and integrations allows IT teams to speed up plans, reduce cost and risk. Here at Ivanti, we want our customers to get the most out of their IT investments. Purchasing IT software is only the start of any IT journey. One that will need new add-on solutions and tools as you encounter new business requirements when your IT plans grow, develop and mature. Through Marketplace, Ivanti customers have the ability to solve new business challenges faster, with cross-portfolio tools and solutions.

Marketplace provides customers with a simple, convenient one stop location. Search and select solutions that enhance the Ivanti portfolio. Get the tools that best reflect your individual IT and business needs wherever you are in your IT journey. We have brought together the content from portals created under previous portfolio brands. You’ll also see content from Ivanti-certified third-party connectors and integrations developed by Ivanti One partners who provide complementary technology integrations for the Ivanti products. Finally, you’ll see new content from Ivanti. And, the future looks bright with Community developed content on the horizon. We’ll continue to expand our content, connectors and extensions across our portfolio. Please keep checking back for the latest updates.

Check out Marketplace.