Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: 

Endpoint Security

Advantage Learning

IT Asset Management

IT Service Management



Patch for SCCM 2020.1 Release 

The Patch for SCCM 2020.1 release is scheduled to launch the end of June. This new release delivers many customer-requested features such as support of direct third-party application deployment through Application Management within Configuration Manager, and a more intuitive shared settings experience that is now stored in the database and available for backup and restore. Other highlights include a new licensing interface with direct access to the Ivanti portal and user interface enhancements that hide expired patches. 

Stay on top of Patch for SCCM release dates by checking the Ivanti Community as well as the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website.   


Supporting New Product Releases  

Stay current with new Ivanti product releases and updates with Advantage Learning. Don’t have a subscription? Contact your sales rep or visit the Advantage Learning store. 

Service/Asset Manager 

Endpoint Manager 

Ivanti Automation 

What’s New in Service Manager and Asset Manager 2020.2

Bitlocker Password Recovery

Automation Administration (Learning Path)

Mobile Analyst

Cloud Package Configuration

HR Content

Crowdstrike Integration

New Training Options: Advantage Learning Workshops  

New product training 1-day workshops provide quick value to customers. Enabling our customers is a top priority for Advantage Learning during these difficult times.  

Details can be found at the Advantage Learning Store.   

New Learning Platform ivanti advantage homepage

Get the advantage from Ivanti products with high value training. Look for an enhanced learning experience and platform at the end of July.  This includes: 

  • Quick access and easy navigation 
  • Just-in-time training for product updates 
  • More flexible training options 


Asset Manager 2020.2 Release Coming Soon 

We’re excited for the upcoming Asset Manager 2020.2 release scheduled to be available in early July for cloud deployments. This new release provides easy and automatic pre-population of the asset repository via Ivanti Cloud. Learn more about the release in this “What’s New” webinar for Service Manager and Asset Manager. When available, you’ll be able to download the 2020.2 release for on premises deployment from the Community here.   


Ivanti Service Manager 2020.2 release coming soon 

We’re excited by the coming Service Manager 2020.2 release for cloud deployments, scheduled to be available in early July. This new release will deliver automatic pre-population of Service Manager’s CMDB from the Ivanti Cloud for more insight on your Configuration Items. Look for new pre-packaged content and workflows to automate more process and workflows for the Facilities department. Your end users will like the new self-service chat option and your analysts will want to learn more about the new capabilities in the Mobile app, including additional authentication options, so they can be more productive while on the go.  

Learn more about the release by viewing the “What’s New” webinar for Service Manager and Asset Manager. Stay on top of the Serviced Manager 2020.2 release dates and other updates by checking the Ivanti Community and the Service Manager Cloud Change Calendar. When available, you’ll be able to download the 2020.2 release for on premises deployment from the Community here

Find more Service Manager documentation in the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website. 

New Add-on for Employee Self-Service Check-in 

There’s a new add-on for Ivanti Service Manager that provides self-check capabilities for employees working from the office, home or other remote locations. Employees can use it to check-in daily with their manager and if it’s ok for them to come into the office. If employees want to come into the office, they can complete a health questionnaire before being approved to come in that day. If working remotely, employees can describe their working conditions, projects they’re working on and if they need any help. If they need IT help, they can submit a ticket from the add-on. 

Learn more about the new Employee Self-Service Check-in add-on and download it from the Ivanti Marketplace


Xtraction Connectors, New and Enhanced 

Xtraction connectors deliver the real-time operational and executive dashboards and reports you need across IT. Read the detail about the latest connectors and make sure you aren’t missing out. 

Enhanced Ivanti Service Manager Connector for Performance at a Glance 

Are you using Ivanti Service Manager beyond IT? Now, HR cases, requests, and employee data from Service Manager are available in Xtraction. Drawn from a separate source to keep it secure, view data immediately through out-of-the-box dashboards and reports. Not familiar with this widely used connector? Get visibility into service management performance data, such as time to resolve, report against SLAs, and other key ITSM process dashboards. Need to dig into the detail quickly? From a dashboard, filter, drill down, or even open a Service Manager record. And, there is plenty more to explore.

Download the latest connector here 

Enhanced Ivanti Endpoint Manager Connector to Track Deployments 

This enriched Ivanti Endpoint Manager connector now has even more in-depth information such as patches deployed, critical patches required, discovered devices, and alert data. Get a jumpstart with out-of-the-box dashboards, or simply drag and drop to build your own. For those that haven’t taken the plunge, this connector gives you access to up-to-the-minute, meaningful dashboards about your IT environment. Keep track of software deployed, scanning and discovery activity, and more.  

Download the latest connector here 

New Ivanti Security Controls Connector to Understand Your Security Posture 

You can’t afford to gamble with your security posture. With the new connector for Ivanti Security Controls, see your posture from the desktop to the data center in real time. Answer operational questions like what patches were deployed, did they install correctly, and any reboots outstanding. Or questions from security and executives about which machines pose the highest risk or status of high-profile vulnerabilities like BlueKeep (CVE-2019-0708). All this can be answered quickly through dashboards, reports, and executive summaries. 

Download the latest connector here 

New Ivanti Asset Manager Connector for Simple Asset Reporting 

You need fast asset reports, out of the box dashboards and drill-down capability into your asset portfolio data? No problem with the new Ivanti Asset Manager Connector. Use Xtraction to run real-time queries on your data without coding. See information such as machines due to end of life in the next twelve months, contracts expiring, or current compliance levels. We know organizations also have unique reporting needs, and it’s as easy as drag and drop to build reports. Get the dashboards you need to make informed decisions now. 

Download the latest connector here 

We have connectors for Ivanti products and other popular IT solutions. Xtraction brings your data from multiple sources and tools and presents it in one place without the need for coding or expert help. Not familiar with Xtraction? Take a look at this quick video.