Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: 


Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager 2020.1 Service Update 3 (SU3)

The Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager 2020.1 SU3 release introduces two key elements to fast-track patch management.

  • Reduce dependence on the corporate VPN. Expanded remote workforces are putting pressure on corporate VPNs, impacting IT’s ability to distribute large patch content volumes across networks. The latest release helps IT teams ensure endpoints are not left unprotected due to VPN bandwidth constraints. Patch content can now be downloaded to endpoints directly from vendors bypassing the VPN.
  • Assist IT analysts new to Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager to be productive faster. With the latest release, IT analysts can access new onboarding videos, tutorials, and help articles so they can quickly get started patching your network.

Stay current with all the Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager enhancements, read the product documentation.


Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence 2020.4

Would you like to get a better understanding of what software you have, which license contracts are up for renewal, and identify opportunities to optimize your application spend? With Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence get instant insights into your software landscape and application spend to help you improve operational speed and asset visibility, utilization, and costs. In our latest release, we are introducing SaaS Management dashboards to provide you with a consolidated view of all your SaaS applications and associated accounts. You will be able to clearly see which applications are not being used, users with inactive accounts you might still be paying for, duplicated accounts and highlight other areas where you can optimize usage and consumption.

For more information, please check out the Ivanti Community, see the solution in action or learn more in the Momentum webinar.

Ivanti Asset Manager 2021.1

Improve your mobile experience with Ivanti Asset Manager 2021.1 which introduces further improvements to barcode scanning and other enhancements. This new version is planned to be available in March. To learn more about the upcoming release, bookmark the Momentum Webinars page which will soon provide the What’s New session for Service and Asset Manager 2021.1.


Ivanti Service Manager 2021.1 

It’s time to start getting ready for the upcoming Ivanti Service Manager 2021.1 release for cloud deployments, scheduled to be available starting in March. This new release will deliver new integrated capabilities with Ivanti Neurons, plus improvements to the Mobile Analyst interface to improve your team’s experience while on the go. Additional enhancements will make it easier for organizations, including MSPs (Managed Service Providers), to deliver more personalized customer experiences.

Learn more about the new release by viewing the “What’s New” session for Service Manager and Asset Manager when available on Momentum Webinars. Stay on top of the Serviced Manager 2021.1 pilot and release dates, and other updates by checking the Ivanti Community and the Service Manager Cloud Change Calendar. When available, you’ll be able to download the 2021.1 release for on premises deployment from the Community here.

Find more Service Manager documentation in the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website.


Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare

We are excited to deliver the new Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare solution which improves asset visibility and security risk mitigation for medical devices. The solution provides our healthcare customers with the complete picture of IT across healthcare facilities by discovering and intelligently profiling medical IoT devices such as PACS servers, X-ray, CT, and ultrasound machines, assessing security risks, reporting threats, and reconciling device information across data sources. You can raise IT performance, security, and compliance across the estate with an experience so seamless it’s virtually unnoticed by clinicians, nurses, or hospital staff. Know more about the various healthcare-specific devices across your facilities, including device classification and usage information, with the details to reduce security risk or attend to anomalies. Avoid vendor sprawl and collect and reconcile vendor data, creating a single source of truth for all your medical IoT devices. For more information, please refer to the press release or visit the website.

Ivanti Neurons and MobileIron Cloud Integration

As we move to integrating Ivanti and MobileIron Cloud and Core products into a single pane of glass solution, we are excited to deliver the first step of this new vision for Unified Endpoint Management. As a MobileIron customer, you'll be able to connect with Ivanti Neurons to see all your devices in your estate, and easily initiate automated actions like lock, wipe, or reset a device without switching consoles. Within the Ivanti Neurons solution, you have now more visibility into your entire asset estate, bringing in the mobile devices from MobileIron Cloud and combining them with your traditionally managed devices–putting your IT team on a path to hyper-automation to enable you to self-heal, self-secure your devices and provide a personalized, contextual experience.

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery Service Mapping

Service mapping provides dynamic visual depictions of the relationships between your IT infrastructure, application dependencies, business services and ITSM processes. Application and service mapping helps you easily identify stakeholders and understand the potential risks when planning IT infrastructure changes, including seemingly minor configuration changes which have been known to have dire consequences. Make sure your CMDB adds true value across the organization and is a trusted resource for countless stakeholders. You can now purchase Ivanti Neurons for Discovery Service Mapping as an add-on to your Ivanti Neurons for Discovery to help you identify root causes of incidents and quickly restore service availability. 

We’ll be sharing more details on this new solution soon. If you have questions, please reach out to your sales or partner representative.


Ivanti Xtraction 2020.4

The Xtraction 2020.4 release delivers a number of improvements and fixes to support customers migrating from Xtraction versions earlier than 2018.0, which use Adobe Flash. Read the release notes for version 2020.4  here.

As of 31 December 2020, Adobe will no longer support Flash Player, and Adobe will block Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning 12 January 2021, click here for more details.

Enhanced User Workspace Manager Connector

Enhance your reporting capabilities gaining greater insights over your User Workspace Manager (UWM) environment and user experience with our new, improved UWM connector. Download the connector today and look out for our upcoming Momentum Webinar to learn more.


Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) 2020.1 SU3

Patching | Remote Control Recording | MSIX Support | BitLocker Enhancements

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) 2020.1 SU3 continues to deliver to IT enterprise management the functionality, and security solutions needed to create better experiences for better user, IT, and business outcomes. Service update three (SU3) for Unified Endpoint Manager includes new functionality, bug fixes and security fixes in the following areas:

·       New “Getting Started” tutorials for key features enabling new (and existing) users to quickly be more productive with EPM.

·       Remote Control session recording to assist with the training of new employees, documenting procedures, verifying quality control.

·       MSIX support for software distribution to install/uninstall Windows Store Applications as .msix or .msixbundle packages securely with the requirement for signed certificates on each client.

·       BitLocker and FileVault enhancements allowing admins to easily get security keys from the right-click menu on an encrypted device.

·       Improved support for remote patching for devices connected through VPN to access patch content directly from the vendor, reducing undesired VPN traffic.

·       Patch automation enhancements allow patch admins to easily view detailed information on patch results, providing more clarity and information.

·       Ivanti Cloud Service Appliance (CSA) updated to a new operating system, CentOS 8 .