Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter:

IT Asset Management

  • Ivanti License Optimizer

Unified Endpoint & User Workspace Management

  • Ivanti Environment Manager Policy
  • Ivanti DSM


Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients/Servers 2018.0

Easy, breezy import of inventory data and seamless Single-Sign-On experience

Struggling to import inventory data?

With 2018.0 it just got that much easier to import inventory data with enhanced integration of Discovery Services for iQuate and Endpoint Manager data imports. Benefit from higher flexibility and configurability of data imports and enjoy improved stability and performance.

Furthermore check out the new software and operating system teaching pages within License Optimizer. The solution now provides “best guesses” for not immediately recognizable imported data, enabling an expedited teaching process.

What was my password again?

License Optimizer 2018.0 now uses active directory federated services (ADFS) to enable a seamless Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience. No more having to remember or store your passwords.

Ivanti License Optimizer 2018.0 will be available to you end of February. Enjoy the new version, capabilities and enhancements to overall system performance, stability and security.


NEW! Environment Manager Policy— Simpler, Lower Cost

Ease Windows 10 Migrations, Eliminate Logon Scripts, and Soothe Group Policy Pain

Despite the growth in mobile and cloud technologies and applications, many organizations still depend on delivering traditional Windows applications successfully to conduct their business, and this necessitates the smooth delivery of high-performance Windows environments to end users.

Traditional methods for optimizing Windows include the use of logon scripts and Group Policy, which are complex to configure and maintain. In addition, they fail to provide IT with the necessary audit and version-control requirements to ensure the maintenance of operational safeguards.

These methods also lack flexibility in catering to the diversity of modern users in terms of how and from where they access their desktop and applications. Furthermore, all settings are applied to the user desktop sequentially, one after the other, resulting in slow logons and poor user experience.

To solve these challenges we are excited to announce the availability of Ivanti Environment Manager Policy—a NEW edition of Environment Manager focused on the core policy features that allows IT to meet end user expectations while simultaneously enforcing IT policy. With Environment Manager Policy, IT can:

  • Provide responsive, personalized, compliant and contextual desktops
  • Deliver a fast, full-featured Office 365 experience on virtual desktops
  • Eliminate slow logons
  • Eradicate complex logon scripts
  • Replace Group Policy on desktops
  • Accelerate Windows 10 migrations

Environment Manager Policy replaces logon script tedium and Group Policy maintenance burdens with a simple but powerful console for creating advanced, multi-threaded policies that configure the desktop dynamically based on user context. It also provides an easy way to capture the user’s personality from a Windows 7, 8 or 10 desktop and transfer it smoothly to any new desktop or Windows 10 version, solving the problem of continuous migration.

To learn more or to download the new whitepaper, “The Power of Policy”, visit the new Environment Manager Policy page on the website, where you can also compare the features in the full version of Environment Manager with those in Environment Manager Policy.

You can also download Environment Manager Policy from the Ivanti Community download page here.

Ivanti DSM 2018.1 enriches usability, cloud readiness, and Windows 10 upgrades

Join the beta program, we’d love to hear from you

Endpoint Management can get complex. The new version of DSM 2018.1 is packed with various usability and performance enhancements to make administration a breeze. Here just some of the highlights of this release:

Zero day support of Windows 10

Benefit from the latest and greatest Windows 10 version when you are ready to stage your inplace-upgrade, migration or deployment. DSM is providing zero day support of every new Windows 10 version.

Improved usability

DSM packaging and eScripts that you love, just got even better. Benefit from improved software tag handling and eScript command extensions to display custom maintenance timeframes. Accelerate remediation with improved log formats for easier and automated analysis of log files.


Embark on your journey to the cloud. DSM will officially support Amazon RDS with MS SQL server for the DSM database with version 2018.1.

Enhanced notifications

Wondering whether a change task has been transmitted to your endpoints? The DSM console provides you with alerts and notifications for change tasks and also improved visibility on property group levels. You can filter your own tasks in the “Infrastructure Task” view and benefit from automated updates.

Want to be a Beta Tester?

This version is bursting with updates that will make managing your endpoints easier, incl. infrastructure changes, OSD enhancements,  Web UI Dashboard updates, and overall improved performance and stabilization. DSM 2018.1 is planned to release end of March.

If you are interested in participating in the Beta Program, please contact us via the community. We’d love to hear from you.