Product updates and releases covered in this blog:

  • Ivanti Service Manager
  • Ivanti Environment Manager

Ivanti Service Manager 2017.2 On Premises Release

The latest version of Ivanti Service Manager for On Premises is scheduled to be available August 31st. A number of bug fixes and enhancement requests will be delivered, as well as new integrated features and workflows with Ivanti Endpoint Manager.

Key Endpoint Manager integration features include:

  • Endpoint Manager import into Service Manager CMDB
  • Endpoint Manager Remote Control design advice in standard documentation

Additional content will be available after the release in the AppStore, such as:

  • Enhanced Catalog Request workflows and integration for automated software deployment through Endpoint Manager

These new integrated capabilities will streamline the management and delivery of endpoint management services from the service desk.

The release notes for Service Manager 2017.2 are available in the Ivanti Community. Please log into the Community to download.

Find more Service Manager documentation on the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website.

Ivanti Environment Manager – Cache Roaming

Cache Roaming, an Environment Manager capability introduced in June 2017, solves poor performance issues experienced by Office 365 users that use Outlook in Cached Exchange mode in XenApp, XenDesktop, or other virtual desktop solutions. Cache Roaming attaches a container to the user’s virtual desktop or session and redirects necessary folders within the user profile into this container. With Cache Roaming, Outlook and OneDrive caches can now roam effortlessly between sessions, enabling organizations to employ the full power of Office 365. Cache Roaming is available in Environment Manager 8.6, 10.0, and 10.1.

Based on feedback from customers who have implemented Cache Roaming, a detailed white paper covering use cases and step-by-step instructions on how to set up Cache Roaming in Environment Manager is now available in the Ivanti Community here.