Nice to (re)meet you

Hi! We’re Ivanti. We may have met before, but we’d like to reintroduce ourselves because a lot of things have changed for us. Between seriously expanded capabilities and a bold, fresh look, we’re a whole new brand.

Of course, things haven’t just changed for us; the whole world has changed. For one thing, there’s a good chance you’re reading this from somewhere other than the traditional office space where you camped out prior to spring 2020.

We don’t have a crystal ball and certainly didn’t anticipate that the workplace landscape would change quite literally overnight, but we did anticipate things changing. Before the world navigated a rapid shift to WFH, Ivanti was busy planning for WFE.

Why? Because the world isn’t only working from home.

They need to be able to work from everywhere.

Welcome to WFE. We call it the Everywhere Workplace, and we’ve worked hard to take the WTH out of it.

Ivanti’s hyperautonomous platform finds, heals and secures your entire fleet of devices, wherever they are. In this new Everywhere Workplace, location shouldn’t be a barrier to progress. Nor should connectivity issues, cybersecurity fears, technology hiccups or the fact that someone’s precocious kid keeps “borrowing” their company-issued device and trying to download sketchy apps on it.

We believe that productivity and security can coexist. In the Everywhere Workplace, they have to get along like WFE BFFs. (LOL.) That’s why we designed our platform to run leading-edge compliance technology – and make it totally seamless for the user. No awkward growing pains or extra hoops to jump through. And like a self-driving car, the platform keeps getting smarter every day.

Fresh and clean

These days, things look a little different around here. And it’s not just because the Everywhere Workplace means our incredible team now covers even more of the globe, many of them working remotely.

It’s also because we’ve revamped our entire brand to reflect our new capabilities and share how we’re showing up for our customers every day.

Not only do we look different from how we did before, we also look different from everyone else.

We’re in a space where the brand color scheme usually ranges from blue to… a different shade of blue. We’ve embraced a vibrant palate that would stand out nearly anywhere. We want you to know that we’re here, because we know we can help. And we aren’t going to be subtle about it.

The visuals are just part of what makes our new brand stand apart. Our industry isn’t only very blue, it’s also very confusing. Jargon and buzzspeak is everywhere. We think people should spend less time deciphering complicated language and more time moving forward.

Speaking of helping people move forward…

Why we’re here

“So…what would you say…you do here?

  • The Bobs from Office Space.

With all the complicated language in technology, there’s one word that’s often missing: people.

From our team to yours, we know that people are the single most important asset for a company. And we’re saying that as the leaders in autonomous enterprise technology. (Translation: Stuff that helps businesses work well without them having to mess with it.)

People are at the core of everything we stand for. They’re why we are here. We help employees do what they need to do, where and when they need to do it. And we make it secure, simple, fast, and less stressful for them to do their very best work.

Here’s what that looks like:

Security. We help team members securely access company resources remotely from any location in the world using any web-enabled device including laptops, phones, home PCs, smartphones or tablets.

Unified Endpoint Management. Better known as UEM, this means we make it simple to discover and keep track of all the endpoints (devices) in your entire enterprise-wide network – all from a single console.

Enterprise Service Management. This is a framework to make things more efficient and productive for everyone in your enterprise. We’re the only ESM vendor to offer end-to-end service management from every endpoint to the IoT edge.

Our new brand is as bold as it is simple. It all comes down to this:

Ivanti is at the forefront of cyber solutions.

And we’re at the heart of what helps people work better.

So get to work – down the hall, around the globe, or at your new beachfront office. (Yes, everyone can hear the waves in the background of your calls.) With Ivanti, possibility is everywhere.