The Interchange IT Podcast followed up a great day one at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit and jumped right on in to day two! In case you missed it, check out Part 1 of episode.

We start by interviewing four local high school students, Sam, JD, Jonas, and Gideon. We talk about their tech passions and their career goals in technology. It is definitely fun to hear from these future leaders!

Next, we interview Dan Roberts. Dan is a lawyer who helps startups and investors in startups, but more importantly, was McKay’s former college roommate. Dan starts by giving some great advice for people looking into starting a company. He tells a great horror story involving a CEO racking up an $80,000 Uber tab in nine months.

We end by talking to Bruce Williams, the founder of SpectraSoft Inc. We discuss his history with Wavelink and what it’s like working on a project you believe in that doesn’t have executive buy-in.

The Interchange IT Podcast had a great time at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit doing interviews on the floor. Let us know if you liked this episode format and we’ll do more episodes like this in the future. And don’t forget, come visit us at Ivanti’s Interchange in May and use offer code PODCAST18 for $100 off. We’ll be doing a lot of interviews at Interchange event.

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