In this episode of the (now internationally-known) Interchange IT Podcast, we chat with Stockchain Global's CEO, Ben Beasley, and COO, Eric Vogeler.

Lightning round

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

  • Ben Beasley: Professional skateboarder/lawyer
  • Eric Vogeler: Superman

Favorite movie of all time?

  • Ben Beasley: Star Wars
  • Eric Vogeler: Titanic

Strange talent?

  • Ben Beasley: I've been a mountain guide for 20 years.
  • Eric Vogeler: I can clap with one hand.

Career highlights

Ben Beasley:

  • Received juris doctor degree from Harvard Law School.
  • Advises in the areas of business, finance, securities, and regulation.
  • Previously worked in the London offices of the highly ranked international firm White & Case, advising multinational companies and sovereign nations on major international securities, finance, and structuring transactions ranging in value from $1 billion to $40 billion USD.
  • Has lived and worked in Paraguay, Italy, California, London, and Cambridge, and has traveled extensively through some 20 countries.

Eric Vogeler:

  • Experienced attorney and researcher. Has been studying and investing in cryptographic assets and currencies since their infancy, including purchases in early-stage bitcoin and ethereum, among other promising blockchain projects.
  • Has professional and volunteer experience in Brazil and Central America, which helped him recognize the revolutionary aspects of blockchain technology early on, especially democratization of financial markets, immutability of voting and transaction information, and smart contracts applications in all aspects of industry.
  • Has substantial research experience in case law, securities, international regulatory issues, and on-the-ground applications of blockchain and Web 3.0 industries, as well as investment expertise, which has convinced him of the disruptive potential of the crypto space.

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