Another Patch Tuesday has come and gone, and where the sheer number and variety of patches was notable, the number of initial issues appeared to be isolated. As the first patches are rolled out, however, we get a better perspective on issues as the patching community discovers them.

As always, here are the quick links to stay up to date on any developing known issues:

Patch Tuesday Follow-Up

While there were no considerable issues initially listed within Microsoft’s Known Issues sections, newer problems always come out of the woodwork.

For Windows 10 1903, KB4507453 appears to have an issue where restart notifications are looping. According to Bleeping Computer, numerous reports from assorted forums are detailing an issue where the patch will not fully install, and instead will reboot endlessly. The one workaround appears to be as simple as clicking the “Restart Now” notification that pops up, rather than the option within the start menu. This doesn’t appear to be occurring on all endpoints, but a caution to those who are running this newest build of Windows 10.

A new known issue was added to versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server version 1803 and newer where computers would be prevented from booting if they were using PXE. This bug affects KB4503293, KB4503327, and KB4503286 where Microsoft has written up a workaround to mitigate the issue.

This month, Microsoft released an update for Visual Studio 2010 SP1, the first patch for that product in quite some time. Users are reporting considerable issues installing KB4506161 where the patch will not install successfully. A developer community discussion is ongoing to find the issue, but the issue could be associated with the patch being “over-offered” to other Visual Studio shell components where it won’t apply.

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