Ivanti Cloud Service Appliance (CSA) 4.6 is now available for customers to download. Like our previous CSA 4.5 release, this CSA 4.6 release addresses the situation where CentOS has announced an EOL (or change) to the CentOS 8 operating system that we are using. As a result of this, we have adjusted and built CSA 4.6 on CentOS 7, which should provide us with a stable OS platform into the future.

Ivanti Cloud Service Appliance 4.6 is available now – here!

Benefits of Upgrading

CSA 4.6 includes important security and stability fixes that customers will benefit from (see the links below). Additionally, we will no longer be providing updates to CSA 4.5. By customers updating to CSA 4.6 they will ensure their ability to receive CSA patches and updates going forward, minimizing disruptions to their business.

Useful Resources for Customers

  • Customer Update - Cloud Service Appliance 4.6 – here

  • Creating a CSA VM from ISO - How to Create a CSA VM from ISO – here

  • Upgrading a Physical CSA Appliance - How to Create an Upgrade USB for Physical CSA – here

  • Creating a Tunnel for RC on Linux Servers - Setup Remote Tunnel for Remote Control WS on Linux Servers – here

Customers can contact Ivanti for help or information through our support page here.

We are encouraging all customer using the Ivanti CSA to upgrade to CSA 4.5 promptly; based upon their change processes and before EOY 2021. Please note, the current CSA will continue to function after December 31. 2021. However, it will no longer receive patches and updates.

Other Information:

• CentOS 8 end of life is December 31, 2021

• CentOS 7 is the replacement OS for Ivanti’s new CSA 4.6

• CSA 4.6 updates the operating system and is not an overhaul of the entire CSA product

• CSA 4.6 is available via download and USB Media (upon request)

• CSA 4.6 will require a new installation, and not an upgrade of the current CSA